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Trying to escape those spreadsheet demons? You need a PIM solution

Can’t put your finger on that product description, digital asset, packaging details or GTIN right now?  A Product Information Management (PIM) system centralises data from multiples sources to establish one central source of truth for all product infor...Read more

Rotary Sydney ANZAC Day BBQ

At Bizcaps, we genuinely believe that our company is all about the people who work here. We are proud of our values, and proud of the team who got up at dawn this year to help set-up and serve at Rotary’s Sydney Anzac Day BBQ. Each year this BBQ is ...Read more

Why is publishing and maintaining your NPC data for HPV important?

Visibility of your product information to your buyers, using the National Product Catalogue (NPC), has become mainstream and often now mandatory. Let’s look at Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) and why publishing complete and accurate product information...Read more

Who is HPV and what is the VPCS?

Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) was established in 2001 to improve the collective purchasing power of Victorian hospitals and health services.  Managing more than 40 contract categories, from clinical, indirect materials and services and equipment, HPV ...Read more

How to easily and correctly publish your product information to NSW Health

So, you have been asked to publish your product information to NSW Health (and other jurisdictions) via the NPC. What does this mean? What do you need to do? Sit down, grab a cup of tea and let Bizcaps simplify things for you. What exactly is the NPC? The...Read more

Are You Ready For GDSN and MjR3?

Changes to GS1net/NPC: Project Zodiac and GDSN Major Release 3 (MjR3) By Jose Filomeno and Drew Hayes Q What is Project Zodiac? A GS1 Australia is changing its technology service provider for GS1net/NPC from GXS to 1WorldSync. This will require some beh...Read more

Moving to GS1net: Symbion, Sigma, API and National Pharmacies

Australia’s CSO pharmaceutical wholesalers (Symbion, Sigma, API and National Pharmacies) have agreed to adopt the international GS1 standard, using GS1net, GS1 Australia’s data synchronisation platform. This is a significant change which will enable g...Read more

7 outcomes from Healthcare Supply Chain Seminars

GS1 and NEHTA’s annual Healthcare Supply Chain Seminars were held in Sydney on 16/17 Sept. Here are 7 things you missed if you were unable to attend: Australian CSO Pharmaceutical wholesalers Symbion, Sigma, API and National Pharmacies agree to standard...Read more

Sorting your BPM from your CRM and the NPC from the DHBNC: A Bizcaps Glossary

For those who are new to data synchronisation and master data management – and even for those of us who are old hands – the terms and acronyms can be hard to keep up with. At Bizcaps we have compiled a Glossary that explains some of the ones we use in...Read more

What is Locatenet?

Locatenet is a central directory of unique Global Location Numbers (GLNs) which identify legal, physical and operational locations. Locatenet delivers the ability for trading partners to communicate location master data using global standards.  GS1 inter...Read more