Helping a leading health and wellness brand handle customer feedback with ease.

With a network of well-known brands across Australia and New Zealand, health and wellness company Vitaco required a solution that would enable the business to log customer feedback received for their range of health food, sports nutrition and supplement products.

Once logged, these comments such as suggestions, queries or even complaints could then be assessed and investigated by appropriate team members in order to resolve any issues quickly and effectively, as well as being stored and used for reporting purposes.

With the Bizcaps Business Process Manager (BPM) workflow automation software, Vitaco is empowered to handle incoming comments via a single portal for product feedback.

 The importance of efficient customer feedback handling

While no business likes to receive complaints about their products, it’s inevitable that negative feedback or product issues will arise from time to time – and when they do, the ability to address the problem in a timely manner while minimising consumer dissatisfaction is essential.

For Vitaco, the process of dealing with customer complaints involves logging the feedback, assigning it to the relevant team member for investigation, and taking the appropriate remedial action in order to both resolve the immediate issue and prevent it from occurring in the future.

To do this efficiently, Vitaco needed a way to store incoming customer feedback via a centralised platform that could be accessed by all necessary team members, allowing the complaints management process to be carried out with speed and ease.

A single platform to manage feedback

Bizcaps worked with Vitaco to create a streamlined business process workflow for logging customer feedback, which involved:

  • Vitaco’s Technical Administrator registering feedback and entering it into the system, attaching evidence of the issue (photos of damage etc.), and entering product batch numbers
  • Automatic sending of follow-up acknowledgement email or letter of apology to customer
  • Subsequent follow-up by Vitaco QA, who will assess, investigate and advise of remedies to product or process.

As a result, the Bizcaps solution serves as a repository for customer feedback and product issues. Aside from enabling Vitaco to deal with complaints as they arise, this repository allows the production of monthly and yearly consolidations by issue type, as well as being input into a reporting application for quality management reporting.

Mayada Burjony – Sports and Food Nutritionist at Vitaco – engages with the Bizcaps BPM Customer Feedback/Complaints solution every day and says that the system is beneficial because it “keeps everything together…any complaints are stored in the one place and accessed by the people who need them”.

From resolving a poor experience to preventing product emergencies

As a provider of food and beverage products, the nature of customer feedback received by Vitaco can vary greatly in terms of seriousness, urgency, and potential impact on the business.

In some cases, the feedback may be relatively minor in nature, such as a burnt cookie or a smaller-than-average portion size; in others, it can have potentially severe consequences for both customers and the brand.

By implementing an efficient business process workflow for the assessment, investigation and resolution of customer complaints, Vitaco is able to: 

  • Address urgent issues immediately
    With a clear process in place for complaints management, Vitaco can take immediate action to resolve any serious product issues, such as recalling products or adding missing product information.This ensures customer safety and enables Vitaco to address emergencies quickly, before they have the chance to escalate and cause further damage. 
  • Maintain assurance across key areas of the business
    The effective resolution of product issues and defaults helps to ensure Vitaco is maintaining critical aspects such as quality assurance, process assurance, and food safety compliance assurance, with deviations corrected in a timely manner. 
  • Keep historical data for reporting patterns
    As a repository for customer comments and feedback history, the Bizcaps BPM Customer Feedback/Complaints solution allows Vitaco to maintain historical records which can be used for reporting. This includes monthly and YTD consolidations by issue type, as well as management reporting via a reporting application.
  • Proactively demonstrate commitment to customer service
    The customer feedback/complaints platform allows Vitaco to show its customers that it is committed to maintaining their satisfaction and has mechanisms in place to address issues when they arise.By responding to customer comments and taking responsibility for product issues, Vitaco is able to proactively deal with feedback and highlight its ability to manage complaints effectively.
  • Enhance customer engagement and experience
    An effective feedback loop provides Vitaco with the opportunity to engage with customers who have expressed dissatisfaction with their products.By taking measures to address a customer’s concern or unhappiness – such as with an apology letter – Vitaco has a chance to change the customer’s negative perception by offering a positive brand experience.
  • Protect its brand reputation
    The way a company deals with feedback/complaints can be instrumental in its survival. Failure to recall a hazardous product or address product defaults can lead to disastrous consequences, from negative press to a slew of critical customer reviews.By taking swift and effective action to resolve complaints when they arise, Vitaco is able to protect its brand reputation and safeguard against the potential damage caused by dissatisfied customers.Equipped with Bizcaps’ BPM workflow automation solution, Vitaco supports their focus on product quality and safety with an effective feedback system that provides:
  • A simple way to input required information
  • A centralised repository and workflow that enables QA teams to take corrective/preventive action in a timely manner
  • The ability to maintain historical data for analysis and improvement

    As a result, the business has been empowered to enhance its Quality Assurance processes with a streamlined solution that takes the complexity out of customer feedback/complaints handling.