PIF Manager Partners: Bringing PIF V6 benefits to small food companies

Generate, receive and exchange PIF files

The Bizcaps PIF Manager™ Partner Program brings all the benefits of a PIF™ portal within easy, affordable reach of small to medium food companies.

A PIF portal makes the compilation, management and sharing of Product Information Forms (PIF) easier, faster, more efficient and more secure.

By going through one of Bizcaps Software’s trusted food technology and quality specialist Partners, smaller food companies with only one or a handful of PIFs can access and use a PIF portal without having to license their own portal software.

These PIF consultants will give you access to your required V6 PIF in their PIF Manager ™ V6 portal to create your PIF or PIFs, and once they have checked the record and confirmed it is complete they will generate the approved PIF that you can send electronically via the portal or email as a PDF to your customer.

PIF expertise on tap

Our PIF Manager Partners are established food technology and quality specialists based across Australia who can also assist food companies with regulatory, compliance and quality review requirements, and provide all the expertise that larger companies maintain inhouse.

 Companies wanting to create, store and share a small number of PIFs can contact these partners directly to discuss their needs.

Always the latest PIF 

Because the Excel-based V5 PIF™ is no longer supported by the Australian Food & Grocery Council (AFGC) and has not been updated since 2012, the AFGC recommends it should no longer be used.

The new online V6 PIF™ is purpose-built for today’s food industry, and Bizcaps PIF Manager Partner Program makes it simple and cost-effective for small manufacturers and distributors to reap the benefits by upgrading to this new system. And ensuring you are always using the latest version.

Access to a PIF portal makes the concept of one true source of product information a reality. Bizcaps is thrilled to extend the benefits of this to smaller food companies through our expert PIF Manager™ Partners.” 

Rob Clifton-Steele

CEO, Bizcaps Software

Kieran Fox, Director of Quality Partners
Phone: 0419 747 835
Email: kieran.fox@qualitypartners.com.au

Kieran is the director and founder of Quality Partners.  Quality Partners provides a complete Food Safety, Quality and Compliance service for Food, Manufacturing and Import/Export companies across Asia Pacific Region.

Kieran’s career in the food industry spans Switzerland, the UK and over 20 years Australian experience working for leading FMCG companies and a Certification Body in a variety of food safety, quality and commercial roles.

Quality Partners specialises in delivering tailored solutions ranging from PIF V6 Specification Management, Label Approval, Food Safety and Quality System Design and Management, Gap and Supplier Audits and Compliance Advice.

Want to know what Kieran Fox loves most about the new PIF V6?
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Janette Hughes, QA Implementer, Melbourne Quality Assurance
Phone: 0466 377 371
Email: janette@melbourneqa.com

Janette Hughes founded MQA in 2010 to supply affordable support to food businesses, and to help SMEs become certified in food safety and quality assured systems. With ever-changing rules and regulations thrust upon business owners, MQA is able to supply information and documentation to these businesses, finding ways to improve or implement their quality assured systems, and thereby improving management growth and company morale.

With a degree in Business Management and a Diploma in Food Industry Quality Assurance Management, Janette has assisted companies in improving their systems and processes by developing and implementing management policies and procedures and training staff members on these improvements.

You can read more here about how Janette Hughes works specifically with micro, small and medium food companies – many of which don’t have the in-house resources needed to make the transition to the new online PIF.

Benefits of Bizcaps’ PIF Manager™ Partner Program

Access to the partners’ PIF Manager™ portal
Switch from Excel-based PIFs (V5) to electronic PIFs (V6)
Available to smaller companies with only one or a handful of PIFs
Exchange your V6 PIFs electronically or as PDF documents
Expert advice from food technology and quality specialists
Ensure your business has accurate and authentic supplier information automatically synchronised with your existing systems