Product Master Data Management Solutions For Suppliers

Automatically Create and Maintain Your Product Data

With an increased demand to deliver accurate and compliant product data to retailers and distributors looking to reduce claims and errors while improving margins, suppliers need robust product data management software to stay ahead.

Bizcaps’ supplier master data management solutions enable suppliers across a wide range of industries to quickly and easily create, validate and maintain product information and content in a format required by their buyers i.e. product data catalogues for publication to their trading partners via the GS1 National Product Catalogue (NPC) and other GDSN data pools, or AFGC PIF Portal V6.

Effortlessly manage product data across the supply chain, with data management tools that integrate seamlessly with your internal systems or ERP software. From automated product data synchronisation to powerful workflows for data routing, our supply chain data management tools keep suppliers out in front.

Deliver Accurate Product Data That’s Compliant With NPC/GDSN Standards

As a supplier, you know the importance of ensuring the product information you provide to retailers and distributors is up-to-date, accurate, and compliant with the NPC and GDSN.

Bizcaps’ supply chain product data management solutions are designed to make it easier for suppliers to meet these requirements, with automated workflows that reduce errors and manual workarounds. The result is a fast, streamlined and efficient process for creating, validating and exchanging product data catalogues with partners across the supply chain.

Automate Product Data Synchronisation Between Your Systems And Your Supply Chain

Our supplier master data management tools take the complexity out of product data synchronisation, with automatic data syncing between internal systems and supply chain partners.

By integrating with your existing systems and ERP software, product data management solutions from Bizcaps allow you to start syncing data quickly, with automated processes removing the need for lengthy manual input. The result is seamless data synchronisation without the hassle.

Leverage Powerful Workflows To Manage Product Data Routing

Reduce the time and resources involved in managing product data routing, with the powerful automated workflows built in to our supplier master data management solutions.

By streamlining supply chain data management processes, suppliers benefit from greater efficiency, lower costs, more accuracy and improved compliance when creating, validating and exchanging product data with retailers, distributors and other supply chain partners.

Product Master Data Management Software That Simplifies Supplier Processes


Publish product data to the National Product Catalogue (NPC) quickly and easily, with secure connection


A secure, central and accessible portal for all your PIFs (whether or not you’ve made the move to the online PIF V6)


Get ongoing assistance with access to our experienced support team


Be set up quickly, with seamless integration between our product data management tools and your internal systems


Benefit from easy-to-configure, browser-based solutions and no separate connection costs


Quickly and easily collect and exchange product data with powerful data import and export functionality


Gain peace of mind with guaranteed compliance with NPC and GDSN standards


Leverage our scalable cloud solutions, designed to facilitate business growth and product expansion

Ensure your business has accurate and authentic supplier information automatically synchronised with your existing systems

Choose the tools to collect, maintain and exchange your product data


Streamline GDSN/NPC publishing and management of your product data with distributors and customers.


PIF Manager

Easily generate PIFs for customers and receive PIFs from suppliers – all in one place



Boost productivity by automating and controlling processes with workflow tools.


Service Bureau

Outsource expert product data support and maintenance – without the overheads.


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