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MCIS™ (Master Catalogue Information System)

Quickly and securely validate and synchronise key product information between buyers and suppliers.

Whether you need to onboard suppliers for supply chain messaging, electronic sourcing or anything in between, poor item master data is a major issue when beginning an onboarding project.  Access to clean data has the potential to reduce order and invoicing errors.

MCIS provides a framework to facilitate the supplier onboarding process by providing ongoing data synchronisation of product and pricing information between suppliers and your internal catalogue.

Your professionals in procurement, supply chain, and frontline staff are able to easily search, and manage multiple supplier product catalogues concurrently in the single secure cloud based platform.

Digital assets can be stored and retrieved, ensuring distribution of product images and key product information directly to MCIS users and connected systems.

MCIS is built on our FlowScribe master data management platform that provides out-of-the-box integration with GDSN data pools, including the National Product Catalogue (NPC) operated by GS1 Australia.

In Australia, state healthcare procurement departments and hospitals representing 80% of the population use MCIS to manage the administrative workload associated with harmonising large volumes of product and supply chain data between trading partners.

MCIS can be deployed as a full service implementation using Bizcaps Professional Services.

MCIS is also available with a DIY Builder Toolkit option. This provides customers with a set of intuitive tools to design, build and enrich their own application, supported by training and technical reference documentation.

Read how Bizcaps MCIS helped Australia’s largest public health system (NSW HealthShare) deliver procurement cost savings and productivity improvements.
The NPC is a success and should save at least $200 million per year. The MCIS developed by the people at Bizcaps Software has played a significant part in this. Dr Steve Hambleton

Former Chair NEHTA

Bizcaps MCIS is highly configurable and system agnostic.
Real-time data synchronisation to minimises expensive errors and claims
Ongoing management of the synchronisation process
Simple integration with existing systems
Powerful workflow to handle synchronised data or errors
Configurable rule validation, translations and synchronisation triggers
Customisable reporting
Powerful search capabilities

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