Supplier Product Data Onboarding Services

Simplify supplier onboarding with Bizcaps’ supplier product data management service

Supplier data onboarding is one of the most critical processes for any trading partner collaboration.

Our supplier product data management services are designed to increase supply chain efficiency by standardising product data exchange, providing the most streamlined way to onboard suppliers whether via supplier portal, GDSN/NPC or any other datapool.

Utilising our proven onboarding methodology, our experienced product data management team works with you to execute an effective onboarding plan, liaise with all stakeholder (buyers, targeted suppliers and GS1) and manage the entire process of supplier onboarding for  ongoing product data exchange.

Our expert team guides suppliers through the required data ranging assessment and preparation processes, so the trading relationship can benefit from efficient onboarding and streamlined product data management.

Bizcaps can assist with supplier onboarding and product master data management across all sectors, including healthcare, foodservice, grocery, liquor, hardware and other emerging markets.

Supplier Product Data Onboarding Made Simple

Our proven supplier onboarding services take away the complexity involved in onboarding suppliers and managing their GS1 NPC product data, replacing inefficient processes with a smooth onboarding journey for both you and your supplier partners.

From automated workflows to hands-on support from our product data management team, buyers across a wide range of industries trust Bizcaps to streamline their supplier onboarding processes.

Collect & Validate Supplier Product Data

Put an end to incomplete and inaccurate product data with automated collection and validation of your suppliers’ product data.

We’ll work with you to facilitate smooth, standardised product data exchange, so you can collect and validate product information without issues.

Supplier onboarding process in 3 easy steps

Synchronise Suppliers’ Product Data With Your Internal System

By enabling automatic synchronisation of suppliers’ product data with your existing internal systems, our supplier product data management services allow you to benefit from an efficient flow of product data that makes supplier data onboarding as simple as can be.

End-to-End Management of Your Supplier Product Data Onboarding Processes

With supplier onboarding services from Bizcaps, you no longer have to deal with inefficient processes, data errors, and the time-consuming manual tasks involved in collecting suppliers’ product data.

Our experienced team will work closely with you and your supply chain partners to create a streamlined onboarding system that runs smoothly at every stage.

Bizcaps worked closely with the Woolworths NPC implementation team to onboard 40 of their targeted suppliers through NPC. All other Bizcaps clients trading with Woolworths automatically publish their product information from Bizcaps through e-forms

General Manager Supply Chain, FMCG

Bizcaps Service Bureau can assist with the following services:


Design and creation of a GDSN/NPC catalogue


Collection of necessary supporting documents


Supplier onboarding assistance for achieving NPC “Ready” or “Live” status


On-going maintenance, price changes, product additions and deletions


Ad-hoc assistance during peak workloads or during staff absences



Ensure your business has accurate and authentic supplier information automatically synchronised with your existing systems