PIF Manager™: AFGC Authorised Product Information Form Software

Sync, streamline and share your product data – the easy way

Easily generate PIFs for customers and receive PIFs from suppliers with PIF Manager

The Bizcaps PIF (Product Information Form) Manager™ is a secure, web-based portal and repository where you can easily manage the setup, storage, search and sharing of PIFs directly with customers and suppliers.

PIF Manager’s centralised cloud-based product information form software lets you manage all your PIFs in a single place, eliminating time-consuming manual processes and the repetitive tasks involved in entering and searching for product information.

As the first licensed online PIF portal solution incorporating the AFGC’s Electronic Food Data System, PIF Manager™ supports food suppliers and their customers across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the UK, the USA and South America.

What Is A Product Information Form (PIF)?

The Australian Food and Grocery Council’s (AFGC) Product Information Form (PIF™) is a product data tool used by food companies across the globe.

PIFs provide information about food products and ingredients in a single document that meets the information needs for legal and regulatory compliance and electronic PIFs can also include any related information including certificates, product documentation and even images as attachments.

Switch From Excel-Based PIFs (V5) To Electronic PIFs (V6)

Imagine being able to manage, find and search all your PIFs in a single place – anywhere, anytime!

The move from an Excel-based product information form to an electronic Version 6 PIF streamlines the process of recording, reporting and sharing product information.

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Cloud-Based PIF Management Software

Our product information form tool, PIF Manager, is a secure, cloud-based solution that lets you manage all your PIFs from a single, central web-based repository.

By streamlining and automating data entry and search processes, PIF Manager removes the need for lengthy manual tasks that stand in the way of efficiency and accuracy.

Create, Manage & Share Product Information Forms With Your Trading Partners

PIF Manager lets you effortlessly create and exchange product information forms with your customers and trading partners across the supply chain and beyond.

Say goodbye to repetitive data entry, searching and cross-checking of product information, with product information form software that makes it fast and simple to find and share PIFs with your partners.


Bizcaps PIF Manager™ has deployed the AGFC V6.1 Product Information Form (PIF) changes. Release 6.1 of the AFGC PIF features updates to accommodate the changes for allergen labelling required under the Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL) amendments to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (due Feb 2024).

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Key Features of PIF Manager™


AFGC Electronic Food Data System accredited solution


100% Australian made and supported


Secure cloud-based software application deployment (Software as a Service)


Connectivity.  Web API integration capability for connecting food and ingredient data with existing business systems

The Product Information Form Version 6.0 (PIF V6) is a substantial upgrade from the previous version (PIF V5) in content, security and useability. It covers all new regulatory requirements, particularly for the new and critically important mandatory allergen statements, and it is ready for added-sugar labelling which is in the regulatory pipeline. All previous versions of the PIF are obsolete. They are not supported by the AFGC and companies should move to the electronic PIF V6 system for greater efficiencies in regulatory compliance.

Dr Geoffrey Annison
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Australian Food and Grocery Council


Product Information Form Software That Works the Way You Do

We’ve worked closely with the industry’s early adopters to develop an intuitive new User Interface, so PIF Manager™ works the way you do.

What’s more, Bizcaps is the only Australian-owned company licensed to provide a V6 PIF portal, providing the peace of mind that support for your system will always be local.

Manage Your PIFs Without the Expense

PIF Manager’s pricing plan is an affordable monthly access fee based on the number of PIFs used in your business, and billed annually. We offer discounts for large volumes of PIFs. No charges for archived PIFs.

No user-based fees. No additional costs. No gimmicks.

Discover the Benefits of Bizcaps PIF Manager


A secure, central and accessible portal for all your PIFs (whether or not you’ve made the move to the online PIF V6)


Searchability by any product attribute such as ingredient or customer


Freedom from manual processing including repetitive data entry, information searching and data cross-checking


Streamlined compliance by listing all the product details you need to fulfil regulatory requirements


Fully protected with version control, backup and security


Local support from the only Australian-owned company licensed to provide a V6 PIF portal

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