Product Master Data Management Solutions For Wholesalers

Easily Collect and Maintain Supplier Product Data With Powerful Data Management Tools

Take the complexity out of supplying a complete set of product information to your customers. Our supply chain master data management software helps wholesalers differentiate their business and enhance customer loyalty by making it simple to increase your product range and share accurate product data with your partners.

Streamlined workflows automatically connect with your website, ERP system and your customers’ systems to provide standardised, validated and complete product information – giving you a powerful advantage.

Wholesalers and distributors use Bizcaps’ product data management solutions to transform and enhance supply chain data with product information that’s ready to share effortlessly with trading partners.

Integrate Your Product Catalogue With Your Internal Systems

Our supply chain data management tools are designed to integrate with your internal systems, automatically synchronising your product information with your existing platforms and ERP.

With seamless integration and easy configuration, wholesalers and distributors benefit from clear and accurate product data that’s simple to access, share and manage.

Automate Product Data Synchronisation Between Your Systems And Your Trading Partners

Boost customer loyalty and keep your business out in front by automatically syncing accurate and authentic product information with your customers and trading partners.

Our automated workflows and intuitive product data management tools make it easy for wholesalers and distributors to share complete sets of product data with partners across the supply chain.

Take Advantage of Streamlined Processes for Managing Product Data Routing

By automating the processes involved in product data routing, our supply chain master data management software removes the need for manual workarounds, saving you time while reducing the risk of inaccurate or incomplete data.

Wholesalers and distributors across a wide range of industries use Bizcaps’ product data management tools to streamline their workflows and increase efficiencies.

Master Data Management Tools That Give Wholesalers an Advantage


Streamline product data management with powerful automated software


Securely connect to the NPC/GDSN to easily share and exchange product data


Benefit from data management software that integrates smoothly with your internal systems and ERP


Start improving your product data management processes quickly with fast and easy configuration


Use fully customisable reporting tools to access the data and insights you need


Grow your business and increase your product range easily with our scalable cloud solutions

Ensure your business has accurate and authentic supplier information automatically synchronised with your existing systems

Choose the tools to collect, maintain and exchange your product data


Quickly and securely validate and synchronise key product information between buyers and suppliers.



Streamline GDSN/NPC publishing and management of your product data with distributors and customers.



The most critical process for any collaboration implementation.


Service Bureau

Outsource expert product data support and maintenance – without the overheads.



Boost productivity by automating and controlling processes with workflow tools.


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