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PIM (Product Information Manager)

Streamline GDSN/NPC publishing and management of your product data with distributors and customers.

Keeping track of product data, descriptions, industry standards, and pricing information can be difficult in a dynamic business – it can get unwieldy quickly.  Keeping this data up to date, error-free and comprehensive is essential to operational efficiency.

Bizcaps PIM solution helps you better manage that information and stay organised – no matter how many SKUs you deal with.

PIM is a secure cloud-based software application allowing you to control the collection, maintenance and exchange of your product master data with your distributors and customers.  It allows you to manage and update your product data and see it validated in real time according to business rules and/or industry standards rules.

PIM is designed to streamline GDSN/NPC publishing and can provide a perfect match to your existing business systems.

PIM is extendible to integrate easily with your existing business systems and multiple users to streamline the flow of accurate product information (iPIM edition).

PIM is built on our FlowScribe master data management platform and ships with pre-built integration with GDSN data pools, including the National Product Catalogue (NPC) operated by GS1 Australia.

PIM can be deployed as a full service implementation using Bizcaps Professional Services.

PIM is also available with a DIY Builder Toolkit option. This provides customers with a set of intuitive tools to design, build and enrich their own application, supported by training and technical reference documentation.

Read how Bizcaps PIM helped Pfizer save time and effort.
Bizcaps has helped us successfully integrate data from disparate sources across the company into a single system. We have critical data at our fingertips and data access processes are streamlined. The solution has reduced errors, improved efficiency and increased accuracy.


Clive Calder

Senior Manager Trade Technology, Pfizer

PIM allows you to:
Quickly and securely share product information with business partners and colleagues.
Maximise sales opportunities by centralising product content and providing consistent data.
Reduce product master data complexity and increase transparency.
Integrate easily with existing business systems.
Improve product information accuracy and enhanced customer experience
Synchronise product information across industry standard datapools (GDSN, NPC)

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