Product Master Data Management Solutions For The Hardware Industry

Empowering Hardware Businesses WIth More Effective Supply Chain Master Data Management

As a hardware business, having greater control over your product master data management processes can help to streamline your operations and drive efficiencies across your business.

Our supply chain master data management solutions for the hardware industry help organisations like yours to create, validate and maintain product data against GS1 standards quickly and easily, with powerful automated workflows.

Effective and efficient product data management is all the more important at a time when consolidation within the home improvement, trade and wholesale segments, market share competition and growing consumer demand for range, value and service are placing increasing pressure on hardware businesses.

Our product data management (PDM) tools support hardware distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers to create and share validated product data with ease, including automated synchronisation of supplier product data with internal data records like your ERP – empowering you to go to market faster while meeting regulatory requirements and customer demands.

Combining our proven expertise in GDSN and NPC datapool publishing with secure, cloud-based supply chain data management software solutions, Bizcaps works with customers across the hardware industry to improve product data management processes through powerful, automated workflows and intuitive tools.

Equipped with a streamlined flow of accurate, consistent and up to date product master data, your hardware business can confidently meet the changing needs and evolving demands of increasingly savvy consumers, ensuring a superior customer experience that keeps you out in front.

Streamlined Supply Chain Master Data Management, Made for Hardware Businesses

Whether you’re a distributor, wholesaler or manufacturer operating within the hardware industry, you know the importance of finding ways to increase efficiencies and output without compromising on accuracy.

Our product data management software automates your supply chain master data management processes to reduce both errors and time requirements, resulting in more effective product information management with fewer resources.


PDM Tools That Form the Perfect Fit For Your Business

While you may be operating in the same industry, we know that no two hardware businesses are the same. That’s why our supply chain master data management solutions are configurable to suit your unique requirements.

Choose from full-service implementation with Bizcaps Professional Services or DIY toolkits that allow you to design your own workflows and applications, supported by training and technical reference documentation. Plus, seamless integration with your existing internal systems ensures a smooth setup.

Automated Product Data Governance, NPI and NPD Processes

By automating the processes involved in product data governance, new product introduction (NPI) and new product development (NPD), our supply chain master data management solutions allow you to launch new products fast while meeting regulatory compliance.

By automating the required internal approvals and streamlining processes, our PDM solutions save you time while freeing up your staff and internal resources.

Cloud-Based Product Master Data Management Tools

Our cloud-based PDM solutions offer the flexibility and scalability your business needs to adapt to changing consumer demands, keep up to date with the latest compliance requirements, and maximise sales opportunities.

Highly secure and configurable to suit your needs, our supply chain master data management software makes it simple to take control of your product data for better business results.

Product Data Management Solutions For Hardware Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers

Our supply chain master data management solutions are used by customers operating across the hardware industry, including distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers of hardware products.

The Bizcaps team has been great.
Patrice Chan-Yam

Supply Chain Manager, Dulux Group

Bizcaps cloud-based technology solutions – combined with our GDSN and NPC datapool publishing expertise – help Hardware businesses easily collect, maintain and exchange validated product information with their trading partners.


Cloud-based product data management software solutions for the Hardware Industry


Quickly and securely validate and synchronise key product information between buyers and suppliers.



Boost productivity by automating and controlling processes with workflow tools.



Streamline GDSN/NPC publishing and management of your product data with distributors and customers.


Service Bureau

Outsource expert product data support and maintenance – without the overheads.


Ensure your business has accurate and authentic supplier information automatically synchronised with your existing systems