Bizcaps Bureau+ : Managed Data Service for Food and Beverage Product Suppliers

Outsource Your Product Data and Digital Content Maintenance – Without the Overheads

Online shopping plays a major role for consumers, both in researching in-store purchases and buying products via digital channels. This means it’s crucial for suppliers to ensure their product data and digital content is accurate and up to date for publication on retailers’ online platforms.

What’s more, shoppers are increasingly seeking convenient access to richer online information about the food and beverage products they wish to purchase. As a result, suppliers must provide additional product data and digital content that’s more in-depth than ever before.

Maintaining and aligning this product data with engaging brand content to deliver a consistent omnichannel experience is essential yet challenging, with a requirement to fulfil an increasingly diverse set of requests for product data in a variety of formats.

Bureau+ was introduced to make product data management and digital content maintenance simpler and more streamlined. With the support of Bizcaps, food and beverage suppliers can manage their product data with ease, ensuring they remain relevant in a constantly evolving and competitive e-commerce landscape.

Timely product content support is assured with a proven service approach and collaborative engagement model with suppliers, retailers and GS1.

Streamlined Product Data Services

Bureau+ streamlines product data management processes to make it easier for suppliers to fulfil product data requests for syndication on retailers’ online platforms.

From extended nutritional information to richer digital content, we can help you ensure all product data is standardised, accurate, current, and provided in the format required for your retail partners.

A Single Solution for Product Data Maintenance

With end-to-end product data management support from Bureau+, you won’t need to deal with multiple solution providers or systems for your product data and digital content maintenance.

Improved Product Data and Online Content Quality

Supply chain businesses require a streamlined approach to uploading and maintaining standardised, accurate and standards-compliant product data across existing product ranges and for all new products.

Our collaborative three-step process involves data assessment, data validation and ongoing support to minimise instances of incorrect, inconsistent or missing data. As a result, you get the peace of mind of high quality product data and digital content.

Advocacy and Liaison With External Parties

Bizcaps’ end-to-end content support includes advocacy with multiple organisations, including GS1, technical teams and trading partners, in order to facilitate a smooth and efficient process at every stage.

When Tru Blu Beverages received a request from Coles to supply product information for the Coles online marketplace, they reached out to Bizcaps – a business partner for more than a decade – to assist with this significant operation.

Key Features of Bureau+


Streamlined product data support and online content maintenance

Collaborative 3-step process:
– assessment
– validation
– ongoing support
Product data validation and alignment
Publishing guidance for improving online content quality
Nutritional information panel content assurance
Product image upload support
Advocacy and liaison with GS1 and retailers’ online teams
In today’s age of information, retailers and suppliers will thrive or fail by how well they are able to harness information and respond to the increasing industry changes

KPMG, Unlocking the Value of Tomorrow’s Retail Report 2021

When the request first came through from Coles, I was unsure how we were going to address the requirements and get all the information uploaded. When I spoke to Bizcaps, they knew exactly what we needed and were already familiar with the systems and platforms involved.
Harris Spyrou

Marketing Manager, Tru Blu Beverages

Discover the Benefits of Bureau+


Simplified product data and digital content management process


No need to learn and administer new systems or deal with multiple solution providers for your product data maintenance


Save time spent manually aligning product data and digital content


Resolves extended online SKU data and digital content enrichment requirements from retailers


Minimises complexity associated with the specific online product content requirements of each retailer


Provides assurance that all extended online product data and content is GS1 compliant and synchronised for availability to the retailers and their online platforms


Supports omnichannel digital product information alignment across online, in-store, and warehouse, delivering a consistent experience to consumers, wherever they choose to buy

Ensure your business has accurate and compliant product information synchronised across all channels