Product Data Quality Check

Better Product Data Quality Leads to Better Decisions

Ensuring your product data complies with all new industry requirements and rules when publishing to the GDSN or NPC can be a complex and confusing process.

However, ensuring a steady flow of correct and current product information for your trading partners is essential for the smooth running of your business and meeting the requirements of your customers who rely on quality product data to make informed decisions.

Bizcaps Product Data Quality Check takes the complexity out of product data compliance and accuracy, giving you complete peace of mind that your trading partners can receive and utilise consistent, up to date product data as they need it.

With proven expertise in GDSN/NPC datapool publishing, Bizcaps’ data experts can help you source and upload product data that complies with all data requirements, as well as providing guidance on how to maintain your GDSN/NPC catalogue so that it’s always current.

Our comprehensive Product Data Quality Check is the ultimate ‘health check’ for your product data, ensuring all product information meets both GDSN/NPC standards and the specific requirements of your trading partners.

Ensure Full Compliance With All Data Requirements

Compliance doesn’t have to be complex. Our Product Data Quality Check will review your product data to ensure all product information complies fully with all the required data integrity specifications.

This includes the requirements introduced since GDSN/NPC Major Release 3 in 2016, as well as all other new industry requirements and standards.

Avoid Missing or Incomplete Product Data

Missing or incomplete product data and product attributes can cause frustration and disruption for your business, trading partners and customers.

Our Product Quality Data Check involves a thorough review of your product data to ensure that all required fields are populated with the correct and most current information, putting an end to the pain points of missing or incomplete product data.

Make Product Data Errors a Thing of the Past

Ensuring complete accuracy across all your product data is essential for providing correct information on your products to partners and customers – not to mention the fact that product data errors can be costly, time-consuming and potentially damaging to your business.

With the Bizcaps Product Data Quality check, you can rest assured that your product data will be 100% error-free, with all errors within your product data eliminated as part of our rigorous data review process.

Maintain Up-To-Date Product Data

In many cases, product data is dynamic. Being able to maintain the most up-to-date information across your product range is an important part of ensuring product data is correct and current.

Whether changes are due to new ingredients, different materials, or changing requirements from supply chain partners, our Product Data Quality Check ensures all your product data remains up to date, giving you the peace of mind that you’re using and sharing the most current version of your product data.

Publish Your Product Data to Applicable Customers

The product data you share helps your customers and trading partners make informed decisions. Our Product Data Quality Check ensures all required product data is published to every applicable customer, providing accurate and compliant product information to those who need it.

Bizcaps step-by-step process makes what seems so complex, all make sense. Their support is uncompromising and they took the time and effort to understand what our requirements were.
Maria Cole

Operations Manager, Endocorp

What Does Our Product Data Quality Check Involve?

Our Product Data Quality Check involves a thorough review of your GDSN/NPC Catalogue to check the “health” and quality of your product data.

A Bizcaps Product Data Quality Check will ensure that:



All required product data and product attributes are populated


All errors within your product data are eliminated


Your product data complies fully with all of the required data integrity specifications – including the requirements introduced since GDSN/NPC Major Release 3


All your product data is current and published to applicable customers

Ensure your business has accurate and authentic supplier information automatically synchronised with your existing systems