GS1 Australia Alliance Partner:

Leveraging Global Data Standards

Bizcaps is a Certified GS1 Partner

GS1 is an international non-profit organisation that develops and maintains global standards for the exchange of business data.

As a GS1 partner for almost two decades, Bizcaps provides GS1 certified master data management software by adopting GS1 data synchronisation standards across our MDM solutions and support services.

GS1 standards improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains across different channels and industry sectors. Being a certified GS1 partner means we can help our customers meet their trading partners’ data requirements while providing an ongoing focus on data quality within their organisation.

Our international GS1 partnership covers Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. By working with global GS1 technical and industry teams, we support buyers and suppliers to leverage GS1 data standards, improving product data quality, supply chain security and efficiency, traceability, and data synchronisation accuracy.

GS1 and Master Data Management

GS1 standards provide a common language for identifying, capturing and sharing data automatically and accurately, anywhere in the world.

By creating a global standard where certain information must be provided to buyers, GS1 standards help businesses obtain the specific data they need while ensuring this data also adheres to local regulatory requirements.

From Healthcare to Online Retail, Food and Beverage to Foodservice, our GS1-certified master data management software solutions help our customers across a wide range of industries engage in clean data exchanges with their trading partners.

A GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network) Compliant Provider of MDM Software

The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) is a web-based network governed by GS1 standards that enables companies around the globe to exchange standardised product master data with their trading partners.

In Australia and New Zealand, the GDSN data pool is called the National Product Catalogue (NPC).

As a GDSN-compliant and NPC-certified software provider, Bizcaps’ product master data management solutions are designed to help buyers and suppliers simplify and streamline the exchange of master data across the supply chain – using GS1 global standards as a basis for clean and efficient data exchange.




Read how Bizcaps helps bring the benefits of the National Product Catalogue within easy reach.



Benefits of a GS1 Certified Master Data Management Software Provider

With almost two decades of experience providing GS1-certified and GDSN-compliant software for the management of product master data, Bizcaps is well placed to support all your product data management needs.

Working with a proven GS1-certified MDM software provider means you won’t need to worry about having all the requisite GDSN, GS1 and NPC content in your business systems. We ensure all your data is standardised and optimised according to GS1 standards, so you can benefit from streamlined data exchanges with your trading partners.

Other key benefits of our GS1-certified MDM solutions include the ability to:



Extract the information you need from one or more internal systems or data sources


Integrate existing back-office systems into the GDSN/GS1/NPC for seamless data management


Convert your internal formats and content to the GS1 standards


Validate data before sending to reduce the risk of data errors


Provide a solution to enter and maintain any additional data gaps


Workflow the collection or creation of product data across your internal systems and teams


Improve business processes and data quality management


Benefit from ongoing local customer support from our master data management experts