FlowScribe™: Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) Software

A Cloud-Based Multi-Domain MDM Tool

FlowScribe™ is an enterprise-wide MDM tool that lets you seamlessly manage your master product data and digital content, improving efficiencies while providing a single view of the truth.

Effectively controlling and managing your product data and content can be a game-changer in today’s digital marketplaces. On the flip side, the business impact of bad data cannot be underestimated.

Multiple versions of product data, missing or silo-trapped information, and fractured workflows all result in business inefficiencies, poor data governance, and a serious risk to your revenue.

Ensuring your data infrastructure is equipped for increasing volumes of data while being able to adapt quickly requires a proven and flexible multi-domain master data management solution.

Combining automated processes with integrated solution capabilities, FlowScribe™ is a master data management tool that provides the single view your enterprise needs to acquire, manage, publish and syndicate all your product data and digital content.

Collect, Manage & Share Master Data With Ease

At the heart of FlowScribe™ is the ability to easily map and sustain the “single view” of product master data and content flow across the enterprise.

This leads to a reduction in the complexity, cost, and time associated with multiple business initiatives and requirements, with MDM software that offers a long-term solution for one view of the truth.

Configurable Integration Capabilities With Your Existing Systems

With FlowScribe™ as your multi-domain master data management solution, you benefit from rapid implementation with your existing systems. Plus, web API capability means reduced integration costs and fast connection.

FlowScribe™ offers user-defined configuration using automated processes that streamline data management processes while letting you work the way that’s best for your organisation.

Powerful Workflows To Manage Product Data Governance

FlowScribe™’s workflow-powered approach is the key to improved efficiencies, enabling qualified users from customer service, logistics, quality/regulatory, marketing, channels, or suppliers to contribute product data and content via automated processes and connected systems.

As a result, organisations are empowered to bring products to market faster, publish product catalogues more efficiently, reduce errors, easily collaborate with vendors, and keep e-commerce sites dynamically up to date.

Streamlined Data Processes With Automation

FlowScribe™ is designed to easily allow processes that gather data to be automated and streamlined, in order to improve output and provide a single, authorised and validated source of master data.

This accurate, high-quality data can then be referenced by the business and, where appropriate, its trading partners for ease of managing, publishing and syndicating.

A Flexible and Scalable Master Data Management Tool

As your data volumes increase, you need to be sure that your MDM solution is scalable to meet the future needs of your business. FlowScribe™’s proven MDM software offers a high degree of flexibility and scalability, allowing you to adapt quickly to changing requirements and evolving business landscapes.

See how FlowScribe™ helped Countrywide Food Service Distributors – Australia’s largest group of independently-owned wholesale distributors – manage their master product data to significantly improve operational efficiency and data consolidation.

Key Features of Our FlowScribe™ MDM Solution


Secure cloud-based software application deployment (Software as a Service)


Web API integration for connecting with existing business systems and unlocking new uses for previously isolated data sources


Client-defined configuration and deployed integration points using automated processes


Easy-to-use workflow authoring toolkit to fast-track data mapping and design processes for both publisher and recipient implementations


Transparency and accountability with audit trails, alerts and escalations


Embedded Product Information Manager (PIM) functionality to build and manage catalogues – including those that encompass GDSN/NPC publishing – providing a single source of truth for an organisation’s product data and content


Business Process Manager (BPM) engine for workflow orchestration and automation of data governance, compliance, synchronisation and syndication processes


Fully supported and maintained MDM solution

We engaged Bizcaps to provide a pivotal component of our digital transformation programme.  The Bizcaps FlowScribe software was selected as the underlying platform connecting all parts of the business to support process improvement, analytical capability, product information visibility and pricing controls.

Karina Ernst, General Manager

National Customer Contracts at Countrywide Food Service Distributors

Discover the Benefits of FlowScribe™: Our Cloud-Based Multi-Domain MDM Tool


Improves data quality


Reduces complexity of managing master data


Avoids data duplication


Increases data accuracy and transparency


Enhances data compliance and workflow control


Enables easy data and workflow process edits


Supports informed decision making


Rapid implementation with client managed workflow authoring and configuration


Lowers integration costs with web API capability


Improves supplier and partner collaboration through Vendor Portals e.g. PIF Manager™


Creates a long-term solution for one version of the truth

Ensure your business has accurate and authentic supplier information automatically synchronised with your existing systems