Product Master Data Management Solutions For The Retail Industry

Supply Chain Master Data Management Solutions Designed For Retail

Our product master data management tools help retail businesses easily create, maintain and validate their product data against GS1 standards, resulting in increased efficiencies, improved workflows, and more streamlined product data processes.

As a retail business, you face a complex marketplace. Aside from the challenges of growing competition, technological advances, price pressure, brand distinction, changing legislation, and persistent economic uncertainty, you must also satisfy an increasingly savvy consumer.

Our supply chain master data management solutions are here to help you overcome these challenges and enhance the customer experience by making it easier to ensure a steady flow of accurate, up to date, compliant product data.

Using our product data management (PDM) tools, retailers are empowered to easily synchronise supplier product data with their ERP or other systems, making it simple to update and improve internal product catalogues.

As a result, our master data management software enables you to go to market faster while meeting both regulatory requirements and customer demands.

With a wealth of expertise in GDSN and NPC datapool publishing, Bizcaps is ideally placed to assist retail businesses with their supply chain master data management. Our secure, cloud-based PDM solutions make it effortless to collect, maintain and exchange product data against GS1 standards, saving you time, money and resources.

Streamlined Supply Chain Product Data Management

As a busy retail business, you need the ability to synchronise supplier product data with your internal data records fast. Our product data management software integrates with your existing ERP for quick and easy synchronisation.

Automated product master data management workflows make light work of updating and enhancing internal product catalogues while ensuring data consistency and compliance at all times.

Increase Supply Chain Efficiencies With Process Automation

Boosting efficiencies in your retail organisation is a surefire way to improve your bottom line while maintaining a competitive edge. By streamlining your product master data workflows using intuitive process automation, our supply chain data management tools improve your operations.

Share validated product information with trading partners across the supply chain quickly and securely, balancing compliance requirements with the needs of your customers.

Configurable Integration to Suit Your Retail Business

You need PDM software that fits the unique requirements of your retail business. That’s why Bizcaps offers configurable data management solutions that integrate seamlessly with your internal systems.

Choose from full-service implementation with Bizcaps Professional Services or try our DIY workflow tools to design and enhance your own workflows and applications, with training and technical reference documentation to support you.

Automated Product Data Governance, NPIs and NPDs

Our advanced workflows for product data governance processes, new product introductions (NPIs) and new product developments (NPDs) enable you to streamline operations and take products to market faster.

By automating the required internal approvals and streamlining processes, our PDM solutions save you time while freeing up your staff and internal resources.

Secure, Cloud-Based Product Data Management Solutions for Retailers

Our cloud-based supply chain master data management tools for the retail industry offer the security you need from your PDM software. Boost efficiencies and drive your business forward with our robust data management solutions that meet the needs of retailers.

Supply Chain Data Management Solutions For All Retail Categories

Our supply chain master data management tools are used by customers in all areas of the retail industry, including distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers.

Bizcaps cloud-based technology solutions – combined with our GDSN and NPC datapool publishing expertise – help Retail businesses easily collect, maintain and exchange validated product information with their trading partners.


Cloud-based product data management software solutions for the Retail Industry


Quickly and securely validate and synchronise key product information between buyers and suppliers.



Boost productivity by automating and controlling processes with workflow tools.



Streamline GDSN/NPC publishing and management of your product data with distributors and customers.


Service Bureau

Outsource expert product data support and maintenance – without the overheads.


Ensure your business has accurate and authentic supplier information automatically synchronised with your existing systems