Everyone in the food and grocery industry knows how time-consuming it is to ensure your organisation is meeting all the relevant regulations. Streamlining and de-risking compliance saves your company time and money, not to mention the odd headache!

That’s why industry leaders have developed the PIF V6. It’s online, up to date and covers all of the latest food regulations.

In a single searchable document, PIF V6 eliminates the V5 Excel-based spreadsheets, and structures all the standardised information you need to maintain and share with trading partners.

If you’re still using PIF V5, you’re missing out on a unified electronic document that captures:

  • all the new requirements under the revised Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code
  • the Country of Origin labelling requirements – so you no longer need to worry about the AFGC CoOL PIF addendum
  • nutrition, health and related claims including Health Star Ratings
  • clearer sections on allergens to improve allergen traceability
  • data on VITAL and international allergens
  • simplified fields on Genetically Modified ingredients.

PIF V6 captures all the data you need to collect and manage to assist with compliance to a range of current regulatory requirements in:

  • the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code,
  • the Country of Origin labelling requirements,
  • Uniform Trade Measurement Regulations
  • Australian Consumer Law
  • imported food controls and regulations.

We asked one of our PIF Manager™ Partners, Kieran Fox, director of Quality Partners food safety, quality and compliance consultancy what he loves most about the new PIF V6.

“Definitely one of the greatest time-savers of PIF V6 is the fact you can warehouse documents to your PIF. Attachments and certificates will then travel with the PIF, and when you update them, you always have the current version at hand. Once you attach a document to a PIF, every time you duplicate that PIF (such as for a new flavour with the same ingredients) all the attachments are automatically duplicated. This saves hours and also all the chaos that comes when you’re not sure where the current version of important documents are.”

“When working in the Quality Partners’ PIF Manager™ portal with clients and manufacturers from around the world, we love that that with a click of a button we can have someone in New Zealand or China log into the system and we can both be collaborating on the current version at the same time. All the documents are in the cloud and everyone granted permission can access the most up-to-date version.”