The Bizcaps PIF Manager™ Partner Program puts all the benefits of the online PIF V6 and a PIF portal within easy, affordable reach of small to medium food companies. Plus you benefit from professional QA expertise, on hand just when you need it – without the salary overheads. We asked one of our experts, Janette Hughes of Melbourne Quality Assurance, how she helps smaller businesses.

By going through one of Bizcaps Software’s trusted food technology and quality specialist Partners, smaller food companies with only a handful of PIFs can access and use a PIF portal at a fraction of the cost of licensing their own portal software.

Bizcaps PIF Manager Partners are established food technology and quality specialists based across Australia who manage a PIF portal, to create, share and manage V6 PIFs on behalf of their clients – often smaller companies who don’t yet need their own portal.

They can also assist food companies with regulatory, compliance and quality review requirements, and provide all the expertise that only larger companies maintain inhouse.

The online V6 PIF is purpose-built for today’s food industry, and Bizcaps PIF Manager Partner Program makes it simple and cost-effective for small manufacturers and distributors to reap the benefits by upgrading to the new system.

Janette Hughes, QA Implementer at Melbourne Quality Assurance and one of our first PIF Manager Partners, works specifically with micro, small and medium food companies – many of which don’t have the in-house resources needed to make the transition to the new online PIF.

“Many companies find the complex food regulatory systems tricky to navigate,” she said. “There’s so much information to wade through, and it’s constantly changing and being updated as well. When it comes to doing your first PIF, that’s definitely the greatest challenge – there’s just so much to absorb.

“I don’t really see myself as a consultant – I’m more like an extended part of my clients’ business, working alongside them and fitting in with their production schedules. My role is to help out wherever is needed in quality and compliance, and to fill in any gaps in the client’s inhouse QA capacity.

“When a company has budgetary pressures, we can help them make the transition to the new online PIF more cost-effectively. It’s quicker for an experienced professional to create a V6 PIF than it is for someone who first needs to learn about food safety and labelling laws or the AFGC system – and with our PIF Manager portal, we are already set up and ready to create and share our clients’ V6 PIFs. The PIF portal allows information to be shared swiftly and easily.

“We’re good listeners, and then we have the expertise to help food companies achieve what they need in order to succeed – from labelling, certification and food safety documentation to PIFs. These are all integral to profitability, productivity and customer and partner relationships – so through our work with PIF Manager and all our other roles, we show our clients that good QA and compliance systems are an asset to their business, rather than an expense.”

To get in touch with your local PIF Manager Partner or to enquire about creating and sharing your first PIF, contact Di Gustin at Bizcaps on +61 2 9252 7533 or email and she will assess your requirements and match you with the right partner for your needs.