The creation of customer-facing product catalogues has long been fraught with inefficiencies and challenges. From difficulties ensuring accurate and up-to-date product information to time-consuming manual processes, the result is spiralling costs and wasted resources.

Enter the automating power of a Product Information Management (PIM) system.

By providing a streamlined, centralised platform for the collection, maintenance and real-time validation of product data, a PIM system can transform the processes involved in product data management and catalogue creation, automatically updating information based on the most accurate, complete and up-to-date master product data.

From dramatically increasing efficiencies to reducing costs and improving data quality, discover the many benefits of an effective PIM system for product data management and catalogue creation.

Benefit 1: Create product catalogues faster

 Equipped with an advanced PIM system, you can accelerate your catalogue creation processes and produce high-quality product catalogues in a much shorter timeframe, resulting in both time and cost savings compared with traditional methods.

With an automated PIM system in place, your product catalogue will be updated without cumbersome and error-prone manual input. From product images to pricing data, integrating your PIM system with digital asset management (DAM) software will enable you to automate the catalogue creation process for instant transfer of product information.

As a result, your team no longer has to spend time and effort manually searching for, retrieving and importing elements such as image files and product details to populate the product catalogue.

Benefit 2: Streamline catalogue production processes

By automating the catalogue creation process via an effective PIM system, you’ll be empowered to boost efficiencies in this area, creating a more streamlined workflow without compromising on quality or accuracy.

Replacing manual tasks with smooth automated processes frees up staff members to focus on higher-value activities such as new product development while reducing the costs involved in creating product catalogues on a regular basis.

What’s more, an advanced PIM system offers you the ability to easily set up and configure workflows to suit your business, enabling you to leverage the power of automation in a way that allows your team to work seamlessly and productively.

Benefit 3: Improve data quality and accuracy

 One of the key benefits of automating catalogue production with a PIM system is the reduction of human error that’s intrinsic in manual processes.

By extracting the most up-to-date product data directly from your PIM system, you’ll have the peace of mind that your catalogues and other connected systems display accurate and comprehensive product information.

With a PIM system to support your master data management processes, you can synchronise your product data across your entire system, eliminating inaccuracies and providing a single source of truth that ensures product information is correct and complete across every platform.

Whether publishing product information for distributors, suppliers or consumers, an advanced PIM system will make it simple to ensure a streamlined flow of correct, consistent and up-to-date product master data, helping to protect your brand against the damaging impact of inaccurate data.

Benefit 4: Safely store and manage product data

 Using a secure, cloud-based PIM system provides a convenient centralised repository for your product data, facilitating a seamless platform to store, access and manage product information for stakeholders across the supply chain.

By using your PIM system to streamline the collection, maintenance and exchange of your product master data with distributors and customers, as well as effortlessly update and validate product information in real-time, your organisation will be equipped with a robust solution for both creating product catalogues and managing your product data, no matter how many SKUs you have.

And with a PIM platform that’s built on cloud-based software, your team members can securely access the product data they need from any location, whenever they need it, enabling greater productivity and a more streamlined approach to master data management.

Benefit 5: Collaborate effortlessly

 The ability for product managers, catalogue designers and other staff members involved in the catalogue creation process to collaborate effectively relies on a centrally-accessible platform which makes communication and updates quick and easy.

Using a cloud-based PIM system can empower team members across different departments and in multiple locations to collaborate with ease, with each person having instant access to the same data, avoiding issues such as duplicated processes, inaccuracies, and inconsistent data standards.

Improving collaboration in the catalogue production process, as well as in other areas of master data management, can help to further improve efficiencies and allow team members to make strategic decisions faster based on quality, accurate data.


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