For leading healthcare organisation Pfizer Australia—a subsidiary of Pfizer Inc—finding a way to effectively manage their master data and ensure its accuracy and compliance with industry standards and national regulations was essential to operational efficiency and transparency.

In addition to maintaining error-free, compliant product information, Pfizer needed a solution that would allow them to quickly and easily publish their product data to the National Product Catalogue (NPC), an initiative of the former National eHealth Transition Authority (NEHTA) , hosted on GS1 Australia’s GDSN compliant datapool.

By implementing a streamlined master data management solution that would allow the organisation to define and manage their business-critical information, Pfizer would be empowered with a single source of product data, which in turn would help to boost efficiency, productivity and accuracy across supply chain processes.

The Client

A subsidiary of Pfizer Inc, Pfizer Australia is the nation’s leading provider of prescription medicines and animal health products.

 The Need

Streamlined product information management for complete data control

As part of Pfizer’s commitment to operational transparency and drive for continual improvement, the organisation required a solution that would enable them to keep their data up-to-date, correct and compliant.

What’s more, Pfizer needed to ensure this complete and accurate product data could be easily shared with their buyer trading partners across Australia and New Zealand, as well as being ready to publish to the National Product Catalogue (NPC).

Pfizer chose Bizcaps through a competitive process to create a trusted master data repository that synchronises and validates product and pricing information from multiple systems so it can be seamlessly published to the NPC.

The Solution

 A single data management system to drive efficiency and transparency

With the implementation of Bizcaps Product Information Manager (PIM) Master Data Management Software, Pfizer was able to eliminate fragmented and inconsistent product data resulting from disparate sources across the organisation, leading to a streamlined process that ensured greater accuracy and compliance.

Equipped with improved visibility into the entire supply chain, Pfizer had the tools to streamline workflows and simplify logistics, while enabling the secure sharing of accurate product information with their trading partners.

Crucially, Bizcaps PIM Master Data Management Software provided Pfizer with an intuitive solution for creating and maintaining product data quality for the NPC, validated against industry and business rules, and in the format their partners need.

Bizcaps’ streamlined, automated solutions for product information management help leading healthcare organisations like Pfizer to increase efficiency across the supply chain and improve patient safety by:

  • Reducing orders and invoice errors
  • Slashing invoice claims
  • Reducing out-of-stock products
  • Reducing the time to market for new products
  • Improving medications management and product recalls
  • Enhancing improving product authentication and the ability to track and trace products
“Governments have recognised that inefficient data management in the healthcare supply chain leads to increased costs and impacts patient safety when necessary supplies are unavailable, or incorrectly identified and recorded at the point of care.”

Mark Brommeyer
Manager Supply Chain
National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA)

The Results

Making critical data available at the right time in the right place

According to Clive Calder, Senior Manager Trade Technology ANZ at Pfizer Australia, “Bizcaps has helped us successfully integrate data from disparate sources across the company into a single system. We have critical data at our fingertips and data access processes are streamlined. The solution has reduced errors, improved efficiency and increased accuracy.”

As a result, the Bizcaps solution supports Pfizer in leading the healthcare industry to adopt and leverage  improved data quality standards for electronic data access, while boosting operational efficiency and transparency across the supply chain. 

“Bizcaps’ industry knowledge and ability to understand our requirements – and the demands on data within the healthcare industry – is excellent. We work closely with them and value their responsive and transparent customer service and support.”

Clive Calder
Senior Manager Trade Technology  ANZP
Pfizer Australia


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