Patel Services imports and exports high quality herb, spices and psyllium products. As a mid-sized Australian family-owned and operated business, keeping red tape to a minimum and ensuring compliance is smooth and efficient is critical to the company’s bottom line. Bizcaps PIF Manager™ has transformed the way the company exchanges product data with its customers.

When a customer required Patel Services to complete a Product Information Form (PIF) back in June 2019, director Janki Patel was a newcomer to the PIF world. Looking for some expert assistance to meet the customer’s requirements swiftly and without disrupting business as usual, Janki took advantage of Bizcap’s Service Bureau for help preparing a single PIF.

Like many smaller companies, Patel Services faces challenges to managing data effectively, including a lack of time, scarce internal resources and unfamiliarity with the latest on electronic buying forms and datapools. Bizcaps Service Bureau is an easy way to have complete peace of mind and to synchronise all your data with trading partners, without any hassle.

For a small one-off fee, Bizcaps experts walked Janki through the various elements of the PIF, and after half an hour she was ready to add all the relevant product information and completed the V6 PIF online in no time at all. Bizcaps sent Patel Services a PDF of the completed PIF to forward to the customer – and ready for sharing with any other buyers of the same product.

Due to growing demand, Bizcaps PIF Partners now assist many smaller companies who need a one-off PIF.  These Partners are established food technology and quality specialists based across Australia who can also assist food companies with regulatory, compliance and quality review requirements, and provide all the expertise that only larger companies maintain inhouse.  You can get in touch with them here

Late last year, Patel Services needed an additional seven PIFs for different grades of their psyllium products, so signed up for a PIF Manager™ PIF portal.

“Once we had our own PIF portal, all I needed to do was replicate the original PIF which Bizcaps helped us develop in 2019, and create the new forms with the new product codes,” said Janki Patel. “It was an immediate pay-off from signing up to PIF Manager, and saved us so much time. As a family-operated business, this kind of software that makes data management faster and more accurate is a huge help.

“We’ve been very happy with the support and training from Bizcaps,” she said. “They’re based in Sydney which makes getting touch so easy.”

Because none of Patel Service’s customers has their own portal, PIF Manager simply emails them a PDF of the completed PIF directly from the portal. All Patel needs to do is:

  • add all their customers’ details into the portal
  • call up the PIF ready to be sent
  • email the PDF of the PIF direct from the portal.

PIF Manager records the date and time the PIF is sent to each recipient, securely stored in one central location.

“The Bizcaps team has helped us meet our customers’ requirements every step of the way,” said Janki Patel. “Our PIF Manager portal has made completing and sharing PIFs online fast and easy. We’re very happy to be using the new V6 PIF with all its advantages for our compliance and efficiency.”