One of the best things about my job is getting to know food companies across Australia and New Zealand, and hearing how an affordable and user-friendly piece of software is making a real difference to their bottom line.

 It’s no surprise actually, because the original Product Information Form was developed by a group of Aussie food companies who put their heads together to make compliance to the array of food regulations simpler, easier and less costly.

Now the industry peak body has created an online version, the new PIF V6, and the time savings and efficiencies on offer are even greater.

Manage, search and share

At Bizcaps Software, we’re enjoying this opportunity to work with industry leaders to create a PIF portal that expands the business benefits you can get from the PIF V6.

As well as searching your PIFs, imagine being able to manage, find and search all your nutrition, allergen and food safety information in a single place – anywhere – anytime.

Bizcaps PIF Manager™ is a secure web-based portal and repository where you can easily manage the setup, storage, search and sharing of PIFs directly with your customers and suppliers. Setting up a PIF portal such as PIF Manager is quick and easy – and much more affordable than you think.

But don’t take my word for it. We’ve brought together 10 customer stories in our latest eBook. Download it today to learn from other Australian companies how changing to the new online PIF V6 saves time and trouble – whether you’re large or small, with hundreds of PIFs or just one.

 Here’s a glimpse of the benefits available, from just a couple of our customers:

PIF V6 makes compliance easier. It keeps all our information well-organised and in one place, which saves us time and hassle and prevents unnecessary mistakes.”
Chaminda Udaya
Quality Manager

 PIF Manager is so much easier. With Excel you need to start each new PIF from scratch.”
Gabrielle Pesl
Perfecto Quality Foods

 “The V6 PIF makes it much easier to stay abreast of compliance requirements. It includes everything our customers need to know about our products. PIF Manager simply steps us through it, and anything that isn’t relevant we can leave out.”
Maria Richardson
Quality and Innovation Manager
Bundaberg Sugar

 You can download the eBook and read their PIF stories here