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There’s a lot of buzz about the new PIF V6, but I’m always keen to hear our customers talk in their own words about exactly how PIF V6 and PIF Manager™ are adding value to their business.

We recently chatted to Kieren Brown, Managing Director at Ananda Food, one of the largest Australian-owned hemp seed producers. Ananda Food is using PIF V6 to share product information with its customers in the fastest and most efficient way.

Yet the value extends further. Kieren emphasised that simply by completing and updating PIF V6s, Ananda has a single accessible place for all of its information relevant to each product – and as a result of this process, the company can also be satisfied that full compliance with AFGC requirements is safely covered off.

“It is absolutely a time saving. The structure that is built into PIF Manager, and all the prompts and questions, deliver us a professional finished PIF document that covers off all the regulatory requirements in the easiest possible way. Making any tweaks or changes to PIFs is then really easy. I now have one document that answers all the questions our customers could ask.”

Kieren Brown
Managing Director
Ananda Food

Brenntag Asia Pacific, a division of the world market leader in full-line chemical distribution has been one of the earliest adopters of electronic PIFs. For Thilini Hettiarachchi, Regulatory Administrator at Brenntag, one of the key value-adds delivered by PIF Manager is in its benefits for data management.

 “With PIF Manager we have all the data we need in the system ready to go, so we can send a PIF V6 to our customers with the click of one button. This improves our data management, as information is well-organised and saved in one place, accessible and secure, and up to date for sharing.”

Thilini Hettiarachchi
Regulatory Administrator
Brenntag Asia Pacific

I know that so many food manufacturers and distributors using PIF Manager are thrilled to see the end of trying to organise valuable product and ingredient information in Excel spreadsheets – not to mention no more fiddly and painstaking copying and pasting to get the data into a PIF V5 or a Recipe Management System.

Here’s a quick list of 5 ways PIF Manager simplifies your data management:

  1. Securely store all your PIFs in a searchable web-based repository.
  2. Send PIF V6s to trading partners direct from this portal, including to multiple customers either all at once or with customer-specific Product Codes.
  3. Update and resend all relevant PIF V6s with new certificates or attachments with a single click – what a time saver!
  4. Automatically add all relevant data associated with an ingredient, such as Country of Origin or Allergens data, to a finished product PIF V6 without re-entering any data.
  5. Quickly see where, when and to whom PIFs have been sent, as well as which PIFs you’re due to receive.