When Murray River Salt first moved to online V6 PIFs, they were seen as an early adopter of this emerging digital technology. In just two years the food industry has embraced the new system, keen to reap the rewards in efficiencies and convenience.

“At first, the change to the new system was largely driven by the big manufacturers we supply to,” said Ailsa Robinson, Marketing & Administration Manager at Murray River Salt. “Just two years later it is really taking off and everyone is asking for an online PIF. It’s no longer just the big companies – our small customers are now also requesting V6 PIFs. If we didn’t have a PIF portal to access and share V6 PIFs we would probably be losing a lot of customers.”

The company’s first PIF V6 was for its iconic Murray River Salt™ Pink Flakes, and since mid-2018 it has consistently expanded its suite of online PIFs which now cover almost all their food grade finished products. Around 80% of its customers require product information to be shared via the industry-agreed online PIF V6.

The change suits Ailsa Robinson down to the ground. “I like working online as much as possible. It keeps our information secure and well-organised, and it’s much easier to keep everything up to date.

“The Bizcaps PIF portal, PIF Manager, is well designed for a food company so it’s easy to use. Bizcaps got us all set up and trained one of our staff members which really brought it all together. It makes everything quite simple.

As well as enabling Murray River Salt to meet the business-critical data management requirements of its key trading partners, PIF Manager is saving the company valuable time. “Once we have a PIF V6 set up within PIF Manager, all our information is easily accessible and ready for our customer,” said Ailsa Robinson. It’s so much better than the old way which involved sending a hundred different emails.”