Bundaberg Sugar is a leader in the Australian sugar industry and our largest cane grower, refining and distributing sugar to retail, industrial and food service companies nationally and internationally.

Its commitment to quality, innovation and customer service saw it become the first Australian sugar refiner to receive certification to Australian and international quality standards. We spoke to Maria Richardson, Bundaberg Sugar’s Quality and Innovation Manager about their recent move to PIF V6.

“We made the move to the PIF V6 system about 12 months ago and we are really happy with it. We converted our Excel-based V5 PIFs to V6.

Reaping the rewards

“The V5 PIF is now outdated and doesn’t include all the information required to demonstrate compliance with current food regulations, whereas the V6 PIF makes it much easier to stay abreast of compliance requirements. It includes everything our customers need to know about our products. PIF Manager™ simply steps us through it, and anything that isn’t relevant we can leave out.

“Our PIF portal with PIF Manager is so much more convenient. We have all our product information in one handy place, and it is secure and controlled. Everything is easier to manage and find,” she said.

“PIF Manager is quick and easy to use, and we are saving time. Anyone approved for access can log in with a secure password, and populate a new PIF from the template. Delivering information to our customers is streamlined, and we can send it in whatever format they need, either electronically through the portal or by email.”

Local support makes the difference

“One of the reasons I chose to use Bizcaps Software for our PIF portal is that they are local. The Bizcaps team is just a call away, always available during our business hours and very willing to help us resolve any issues that arise. They’re always there when we need them.”