PIF V6.0: The top 5 questions people ask

by Dianna Gustin

The new electronic PIF V6.0 is specially designed to banish Excel spreadsheet-based PIFs forever. Created by the food industry to streamline and speed up the whole process of managing and sharing important product and pricing information, PIF V6.0 sounds like great news – but still, we don’t always find it easy to embrace change.

That’s only because no matter how unwieldy the old system can be, it’s still the system we know. The new system sounds good – but it’s unfamiliar. At Bizcaps we have been living and breathing electronic PIFs for well over a year and we’re happy to help manufacturers and suppliers to get to know the new system.

Here are the top five questions I’m asked all the time – and the answers.  

  1. We only have 1 or 2 PIFs to update – can we use PIF V6.0?

Yes! If you have fewer than 10 PIFs, Bizcaps Service Bureau can help you create and deliver a PIF V6.0 whenever you need to update an Excel V5 PIF. You’ll be able to send your updated PIFs to your trading partners in PDF form, or transmit it via a portal if your customer is online.

  1. Can we load all our V5 Excel PIFs at once?

Yes – Bizcaps ePIF Kick Start Offer makes it easy.  We’ll help you get set up the easy way, at no additional cost. Simply send us all your existing V5 PIFs for bulk uploading. There’s no limit to the number of PIFs you can send us, and there’s no need to complete every field immediately. We’ll help you navigate the transition to an online, web-based repository containing searchable, transmittable ePIFs – ready for streamlined trading in 2019.

  1. Why are there so many extra details to fill in?

PIF V6.0 is the most comprehensive update so far. It captures and shares additional information including Country Of Origin Labelling, health star ratings, allergen outcomes and health and nutrition claims – all the kind of information that consumers now expect to know about the food they’re eating.

  1. Do we pay for archived PIFs?

No, PIF Manager™ will review your PIF count after every year when your annual maintenance fee is due and only charge for active PIFs.

  1. Do we need to pay per PIF user?

No, PIF Manager has unlimited user licences. The PIF Manager Admin User is trained first – and then they can create as many external and internal users as they require at no extra cost.

So now it’s my turn. Here is the question I love being asked:

  1. What makes PIF Manager better than the other two portals?

Bizcaps is the only Australian certified company with the AFGC. We supply local training and support, and we are specialists in Master Catalogue Information Services, including the transmission of manufacturer and supplier data using GDSN GS1 Standards for the FMCG, health & food service industries.

The bottom line is, we’re here to help. And if I haven’t answered your question here, don’t hesitate to email me at Sales_Info@bizcaps.com or give me a call on +61 2 9252 7533.