PIF Manager extracts V6 PIFs to V5 for legacy systems
PIF Manager™ portal can receive raw material and ingredient data from the new V6 PIFs provided by your suppliers, and extract it into V5 Excel format – ready for importing directly into your legacy recipe application. Many suppliers have transitioned to the latest AGFC compliant V6 PIFs which may not be accepted by some legacy applications. If you have PIF Manager, there’s no need to upgrade your recipe management system to accept V6s. PIF Manager takes care of it all for you.The V5 data extracted from the V6 PIFs will update your existing recipe system.

PIF Manager allows you to keep your QA, R&D, Regulatory and Procurement Departments’current systems without any costly upgrades or redevelopment. This V5 extract feature also means you can easily manage all teams during this transition period, utilising both the V5 and V6 during your PIF portal onboarding process – all from one easy to use ePIF portal tool, PIF Manager.

Why is PIF V6 important for your organisation?
The Australian Food & Grocery Council has produced a handy new resource explaining just why the new online PIF V6 is something your organisation needs to know about. Check out this slideshow to read more about the benefits that PIF V6 brings to regulatory compliance, security and data management, and where you can find further info and support.

Australian Bakels simplifies compliance with PIF Manager
With over 600 SKUs, Australian Bakels has streamlined regulatory compliance with its move to online V6 PIFs, and is set to realise serious time savings. Its Bizcaps PIF Manager portal is also a key part of its commitment to quality control and innovation. The largest company within the International Bakels Group headquartered in Switzerland, Australian Bakels began the transition to online PIF V6 last year.

“It’s the reality of QA and regulatory compliance for our industry today. Changing over to online PIFs was a natural progression for us,” said Akila Rajanbabu, National Technical Manager at Australian Bakels. “We could see the benefits. Once we learned the old Excel-based PIF V5 wasn’t going to be updated to suppport the new regulations, we realised it was the obvious move for our business.

“The benefits for our business are clear. All our vital product and trading data is maintained on the PIF Manager system, so we can simply go in and update any PIF we need without creating a new document. Once our suppliers provide their raw material PIF information through the portal, this can all be fed into the finished product PIFs without too much work. We will definitely see time savings.”

Read more about the benefits Australian Bakels is realising from ePIFs.

When local support matters
Having local support on hand, in your timezone, can make all the difference to your organisation and your suppliers as you make the transition to PIF V6. Bizcaps Software, providers of the ePIF portal PIF Manager, is the only Australian-owned company licensed to provide a PIF V6 portal. So with PIF Manager, support for your system will always be Australian-based and right there just when you need it.

Local support makes all the difference to leading Australian sugar producer Bundaberg Sugar. “One of the reasons I chose to use Bizcaps Software for our PIF portal is that they are local. The Bizcaps team is just a call away, always available during our business hours and very willing to help us resolve any issues that arise,” said Maria Richardson, Bundaberg Sugar’s Quality and Innovation Manager. “They’re always there when we need them.” You can read more from Bundaberg Sugar here.

Author: Dianna Gustin