PIF V6 helps stamp out food fraud
Food fraud costs the global food industry around $50 billion each year, according to the Australian Institute of Food Safety. Now the PIF V6 is giving manufacturers and other buyers the insight they need to ensure the integrity of their supply chain.

Clare Winkel, Executive Manager Technical Solutions at Integrity Compliance Solutions, has some practical, affordable advice for Australian food companies wanting to protect their business and customers from food fraud – including careful review of V6 PIFs. The new online PIF V6 provides vital insights into your supply chain that are the foundation of your protection against food fraud and its business and public health risks.

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Championing PIF V6 industry take-up
Encouraged by the AFGC, industry leaders including Kellogg’s, Kerry Ingredients, Mars, Goodman Fielder, Fonterra, CHR Hansen and HJ Langdon have formed a PIF Implementation Group to help food companies big and small adopt the V6 PIF. The group is working with the three V6 PIF portal software vendors – Bizcaps Software, Hamilton Grant and Oakbarrel Software – to pull together and share everything you need to know to make a smooth transition to the online PIF. By the industry, for the industry.

Read the latest update here.

PIF Manager makes it easy to collect data from overseas trading partners
Still downloading an Excel-based V5 PIF to email to your overseas trading partners to complete? Bizcaps Software’s PIF Manager™ lets you give secure, limited access to an external user to enter all their PIF details directly into an online V6 PIF. They won’t have access to your PIF portal – PIF Manager simply sends them a co-author link to update the V6 PIF that has been assigned to them.

This is perfect for overseas suppliers who only have a few Australian customers and therefore don’t yet need their own PIF portal. Once they pick up more Aussie business, signing up to their own PIF portal such as PIF Manager will save them re-entering their data for each customer.

You can learn more about PIF Manager here.

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