PIF V6 Update Issue 5: October 2019

AFGC PIF V6 survey: 10 minutes of your time please

The Australian Food and Grocery Council is conducting a PIF V6 Survey.  This will assist the AFGC to understand how the PIF V6 will be used by the food industry to guide further development of user support, including training and materials.

If your business is currently completing PIFs as a supplier – or requesting PIFs as a customer – then the survey will be relevant to your business.

If a representative in your business has not completed it, the AFGC would greatly appreciate your support. Just click here to access the survey.

And if you require further information about the survey please contact the AFGC support on email: PIF@afgc.org.au


Partners bring PIF V6 benefits to small food companies

The new Bizcaps PIF Manager™ Partner Program brings all the benefits of a PIF™ portal within easy, affordable reach of small to medium food companies.

We’re pleased to welcome:

Kieran Fox, director of Quality Partners in NSW

Belinda Hanson-Kenny, MAIFST, MAIP, Food Labelling & Safety in South Australia

Janette Hughes, QA Implementer, Melbourne Quality Assurance in Victoria

By going through one of Bizcaps Software’s trusted Partners, smaller food companies with only a handful of PIFs can access all of the benefits of a PIF portal.

Read more and meet our partners here


 AFGC PIF V6 Workshops: dates announced

The AFGC will present advanced training on the new Product Information Form (PIF) V6 in Sydney (Tues 3 December) and Melbourne (Wednesday 4 December).

The advanced PIF Training will comprise:

  1. Why PIF v6 is important for your organisation: A detailed description and rationale behind the PIF V6 structure and functionality and how to make it work for you.
  2. How it works in practice: A fact-packed knowledge and skills download which you can use immediately in your own workplace.
  3. See three portals in action:Demonstration of the licensed Vendor Portals for generating and exchanging PIFs.

To register – or find out more:


Big or small, QA or sales: PIF V6 is here to help

Changing to the new online PIF V6 saves time and trouble – whether your company is large or small, with hundreds of PIFs or just one.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Read here how Almondco, Austchilli, Good Morning Cereal and Bulk Hemp Food are all reaping the benefits of PIF V6.