Changing to the new online PIF V6 saves time and trouble – whether your company is large or small, with hundreds of PIFs or just one.

PIF V6: Quality assurance you can rely on

Our very first PIF Manager™ users, Almondco Australia, are good at picking winners. In just 25 years they have built a boutique company into one of the largest almond processing plants in a billion dollar industry, with a turnover of more than $260 million.

Almondco maintains bespoke quality parameters that exceed the global standard, so its QA team was keen to explore the business process improvements promised by PIF V6 and the Bizcaps ePIF portal, PIF manager.

“A single source of truth for all our PIF data has simplified our QA processes. We can search for any PIF field with PIF Manager’s Advanced Filtering Search function. Bulk updates of certificates can be loaded with the click of a button. Simple steps to either replace a certificate or simply add new attachments to selected PIFs save me so much time.

 PIF Manager highlights the mandatory fields required including important details like the country of origin and allergen details for each ingredient. I now also have the advantage of Bizcaps Software keeping me posted of any AFGC updates. The Bizcaps team in Sydney give us continual support, and have worked with us to thoroughly understand our quality processes.”

Julie Frankcom, Technical Manager-QA, Almondco

PIF V6: Control and compliance

Austchilli is a vertically-integrated agribusiness, combining sustainable farming practices with state-of-the-art business systems and packaging innovations to extend shelf-life. Staying abreast of regulatory requirements and ensuring compliance balanced with maximum efficiency is business-critical.

With PIFs in Excel format we had no real control over changes made and it was too easy for someone to use an out of date version. PIF Manager makes compliance easier. It controls the information that goes into our PIFs and no one can make any changes without authorisation. It keeps all our information well-organised and in one place, which saves us time and hassle and prevents unnecessary mistakes.

Chaminda Udaya, Quality Manager, Austchilli

PIF V6: Quick and easy online

Good Morning Cereals is a family-owned grain business, processing puffed grains. It supplies a range of food manufacturers, from large multinationals down to niche gourmet food businesses. Using PIF Manager to keep track of and organise all its product information has made the task easier.

We have recently converted all our Excel V5 PIFs to the new V6 versions which are managed online by Bizcaps PIF Manager. The process was easier than I imagined. The support and service offered by Bizcaps was excellent, and it was always quick and easy to access practical help by email or on the phone. 

Jill Allwright, small business owner, Good Morning Cereals


PIF V6: Practical and helpful data management

Bulk Hemp Food is Australia’s leading wholesale distributor of hemp products, proudly committed to high quality standards supported by a single source of product data truth. The company’s sales department uses PIF Manager to manage its product data, ensuring that all details are in one location, easily manageable and securely controlled.

PIF Manager enables us to maintain all our information in one format and one central, secure and accessible location. The layout is simple, the instructions and explanations are very clear and easy to follow, and Bizcaps staff have all been incredibly patient and supportive to a complete PIF novice.

Lisa Carmichael, Sales Manager, at Bulk Hemp Food