You might have already met the latest addition to the Bizcaps family, PIF Manager™, and you may have got wind of its magical ways in liberating food manufacturers from hundreds or thousands of fiddly forms… But did you know our wonder child is also multilingual?

With a click or two you can set PIF Manager to display every label in a second language as well as English – and you can enter data into its fields in any language.

For Australian companies, this flexibility can be a huge time saver for people whose first language isn’t English. And for multinational companies, it streamlines international business processes – when a form filled out in Adelaide needs to be approved by someone in Beijing data entry is faster and accuracy is improved.

Bizcaps’ intelligent software is designed to take advantage of the Internationalisation underway by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is enabling web technologies with various languages, scripts and cultures.

You can check and change the language settings in your desktop browser, and specify a list of languages – so your browser will know that you can read and write English, say, as well as Chinese. It can then act as your personal translator, and will tell the server what language you prefer for pages and resources it sends you. When you open up PIF Manager, every label will appear in both English and your next language preference. For more information head over to the W3C’s Internationalisation pages 

These days, when your business needs to cross borders without encountering unnecessary barriers, well-written software needs to speak your language – as well as that of your colleagues and partners.