Do you have a head for numbers? Did you know that Bizcaps publishes over 1.3 million product and pricing details to the National Product Catalogue each year? This data is associated with 167,000 GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) used by our customers to uniquely identify their products and services. So you could say we are detail people.

Keeping track of every aspect of your product and pricing data is the only way to ensure its accuracy, completeness and integrity. And this is the bedrock upon which you build efficient, high quality business operations.

Yet details are by nature overwhelming, and can all too easily get the better of you and escape ordinary methods of control. Especially when:

  • you’re busy
  • you’re juggling competing priorities
  • you’re faced with the intricacies of the GS1 and NPC standards, or the specific requirements of large buyers like public health agencies and supermarket chains.

This is why we keep an eye on all our clients’ publishing patterns, with systematic monitoring to quickly rectify any errors. We get in touch as soon as we notice anything awry.

If you’re particularly pressed for time, or are unfamiliar with global datapools and their business rules, check out our Service Bureau. For an affordable annual subscription (or a simple time and materials hourly fee – it’s up to you), our technical consultants will look after all the operational requirements of maintaining and publishing your data. Many of our clients find that Service Bureau makes sense even if they’ve been publishing to datapools for years – because it frees up key staff for core work. After all, you know your details are in good hands.