Visibility of your product information to your buyers, using the National Product Catalogue (NPC), has become mainstream and often now mandatory.

Let’s look at Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) and why publishing complete and accurate product information matters.

As soon as you have published your product data to the NPC, HPV’s system – the Victorian Product Catalogue System (VPCS) – gets a ‘knock at its door’. Your data is then drawn into the VPCS for cross-checking against the contract information HPV holds in its internal records, as well as against the product and price feeds from various public hospitals and health services.

After your initial product data is synchronised with HPV’s internal records, all of your subsequent updates will automatically flow through for approval by the HPV team, and then quickly out to all Victorian public hospitals and health services with access to HPV contracts. Importantly, this will speed up the process of adding new product lines and their visibility to health services in the network.

Publishing to HPV via the NPC eliminates the need for you to provide individual hospitals and health services with multiple product and price lists – and try to keep track of these. With access to your entire product listing (contracted and not contracted) buyers can now find and purchase the products they need. This dramatically improves procurement processes and patient safety by ensuring the right products are purchased at the right price, and delivered at the right time and place.