The challenges of 2020 are serious, but getting through them in the best way possible has boiled down to keeping our spirits up at home and at work…and home-made  sourdough and dumplings have helped!

Like you, most of us here at Bizcaps spent a fair chunk of lockdown staring at the fridge, dreaming up feasts to ward off boredom and spoil the family. It’s little wonder that once we’d all stocked up on TP and hand sanitiser, we turned our hands to baking and cleared the supermarket shelves of flour and other culinary essentials.

Our Bizcaps team is a talented bunch and, during our on-line meetings, I often saw something hearty or interesting simmering on the stove in the background. When we realised what an impressive array of gastronomic concoctions was on the go, we had to share them here.

Fancy trying your hand at Chin Pin’s dumplings, or Glenn’s fresh mint sauce? You definitely need to try Di’s Croatian palacinke, sweet and light. Bill has a future in food blogging, and you’ll never guess what Andre has for dessert…

Meet our Chefs here

Better still, share your own lockdown recipes! Send a photo and your recipe for us to publish, and for every submission we receive from our customers we’ll donate $50 to Oz Harvest.

$50 buys 100 meals to help families who are doing it tough at the moment, so share your food fun, family secrets or kitchen experiments and we will add them to our collection.

Email recipe and photo submissions to with your name and company and we’ll add them to our recipe library to inspire others to get cooking. And make a donation to Oz Harvest on your behalf.