Di Gustin is Product Manager for new Bizcaps software, PIF Manager™

What makes each day interesting?

I talk to people every day about new software that is going to be a big help to them. They are relieved! I am helping to create PIF Manager™, and I’m taking our clients through it – I’m really excited about it because I know people are going to love it when they use it.

PIF Manager™ replaces a complex Excel document with an online portal that’s totally user-friendly. So now you just can’t make a mistake.

What do you value?

Communication is my key thing. Working as a team, but not only in the office. Good communication with my customers is most important to me – I need to know what problems they are having, and what works well for them. I like people to come and talk to me. Plus I read all my emails!

Being able to talk to my customers and be responsive is so important for my work. I’m taking people through new software tools, supporting them, training them, setting up databases, doing trials and testing the product inside their business.

How do your clients describe you?

Helpful – I hope! And perhaps a bit bossy.  I try to be efficient in responding to people. I have to answer all my emails by the end of the day. I like to get things ticked off, I follow up, I have set reminders.

What would be impossible for you to go without?

Food! I love everything. I love trying new things. And I love new restaurants. My friends always ask me for my recommendations.  I’m trying to quit sugar though so I don’t have dessert as often these days.