Paolina Biviano is a Project Manager at Bizcaps.

What stops your work from getting boring?

I’m the go-between person for our clients and our software developers so there’s zero risk of my day ever being boring! My job is to know exactly what it is that our clients need. I am always discovering new things about their businesses, their products, processes and people – and what their requirements are. Then I can explain that to the developers and ensure they can deliver a precise solution. And be on time and on budget.
Afterwards I work with the clients while they are testing, and I can see what a difference the solutions have made to their business environment and their bottom line. That’s always rewarding.

What are you most proud of?

My longest running project is now five years old so that is something I am thrilled to be a part of. It’s a privilege to work so closely with NSW Health, seeing all the different systems come together and be integrated with Bizcaps MCIS, with all the efficiencies and benefits that brings to the health system across NSW.

How do your clients describe you?

A little bit cheeky? I like a joke, but I am also very firm when things start to get busy, or the pressure mounts. I take my role very seriously – it’s my job to keep projects moving and to run as close to the budget and timeframes as we can. I hope they would say that I deliver.

What would be impossible for you to go without?

Talking to people. I do enjoy technology but I don’t like staring into a box all day. I love the interactions with clients. I have a scheduled weekly catch up with each one of my clients but they know they can call me anytime. Also coffee. I am bit of a coffee snob. We have a proper machine here in the Bizcaps office. And I do fancy myself as bit of a barista.