We all buy food, and we all want to know that what we’re eating is safe and is accurately labelled.

Regulatory compliance is an important matter in the food industry, essential for public health and safety. But that doesn’t mean it should be costly or resource-intensive.

PIF V6 exists to make compliance simpler and more streamlined.

Australians can be confident in the food they buy because for decades manufacturers and suppliers have gathered, published and shared a vast amount of data about ingredients, including their origin, allergens and health information. Originally, each company had their own way of collecting and managing this information and it was a huge investment of time and resources for suppliers.

The Product Information Form was originally developed to ease that burden by providing a consistent template document that all companies could use, and now PIF V6 takes this to a whole new level. The online PIF V6 tells you everything you need to know to ensure your product is fully compliant with all current regulations, and eliminates:

  • time-consuming and repetitive data entry
  • manual searching
  • manual cross-checking with evolving regulatory requirements.

By the industry, for the industry, Australian-made.

The PIF is a true grassroots initiative, born from the food industry’s need to streamline its response to the vast amount of information required about products to assist with regulatory compliance.

The first PIF was born about ten years ago when a group of food companies put their heads together to come up with a more efficient and robust way of collecting and sharing the information they needed to ensure compliance with the ANZ Food Standards Code and other regulations.

Australia was spear-heading allergen labelling regulation globally. Food industry peak bodies in other countries were nervous about the compliance burden of the new regulations, but Australian manufacturers came together to work out an efficient and effective way of managing.

They developed a single form that could be used across the industry to collect all the information companies needed to determine whether their product was compliant and up-to-date. Over time it evolved into the PIF V5 spreadsheet, which has now been updated and digitised as the online PIF V6, saving the industry even greater time and money.

By using this fully searchable, interoperable online form, you’ll collect and manage all the data you need to assist with compliance to a range of current regulatory requirements in:

  • the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code,
  • the Country of Origin labelling requirements,
  • Uniform Trade Measurement Regulations
  • Australian Consumer Law
  • imported food controls and regulations.

PIF V6 makes compliance easier. PIF V5 has not been updated to ensure compliance with the current ANZ Food Standards Code. Even if you are not ready to move to V6 PIFs, you can store your V5 PIF information electronically and enhance individual PIFs as you need them or as your customers request V6 .