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Increasing cost pressures, stricter regulatory compliance, product traceability, counterfeiting, adoption of global standards, contract performance, care coordination, and changes in consumer needs all characterise the dynamic nature of the Healthcare sector.  Hospitals and NHS Trusts are under increasing pressure to improve efficiencies by embedding systems that manage workflows, streamline processes and better maintain product information.

Key challenges to the product data management process include a lack of time, scarce internal resources and/or latest GDSN/GS1 global data standards knowledge to undertake the required work.

Bizcaps assists leading organisations, government agencies, hospitals and NHS trusts to resolve their product data management challenges by providing specialist cloud-based software applications, support services, and data management expertise.  Imagine easy synchronisation of your supplier product data with your own internal data records e.g. ERP system, enabling you to easily update, enhance and share your internal product catalogue with standardised information.

Featuring our MCIS™ (Master Catalogue Information System) software application.  MCIS provides a framework to facilitate the supplier onboarding process by providing ongoing data synchronisation of product information between suppliers and your internal catalogue.  MCIS is built on our FlowScribe master data management (MDM) platform that provides out-of-the-box integration with GDSN/GS1 data pools, and connectivity options for multiple business systems.  Bizcaps Software has been certified by GS1 UK for correctly and consistently implementing the GS1 standards and associated best practise.

MCIS is fully supported by the Bizcaps team for a complete product data management support and maintenance solution.  Using collaborative web based tools an A+ Managed Implementation provides a rigorous foundation for progress, collaboration and visibility – and ensures that the implementation project is delivered on time and on budget.


The original 2014 NHS eProcurement strategy stresses the importance of master data: “The use of master data throughout the supply chain is essential to achieve effective management of long, complex supply chains.”

A crucial element of MDM is to ensure that products are coded and described in a standardised format using a global standard.  Various announcements by the NHS sought action by trusts to utilise MDM and global standards to:

  • Code products,
  • track instruments,
  • use GTINS for procurement.

Master data supports all elements of procurement, including: price benchmarking between NHS providers; analysis of expenditure within an NHS provider; catalogue content; exchange of requisition, purchase order, delivery and invoice data; and the notification and sharing of purchasing requirements when tendering.


This is the only solution to directly address our key procurement requirement by eliminating the need for us to log into datapools and extract product and pricing information. Once the data is automatically downloaded into our system, internal catalogue management is streamlined with Bizcaps MCIS’s highly customisable online search facility.

Valentino Bulaon

Manager Catalogue Services / Procurement, HealthShare NSW


We provide tools and services to help you use your data effectively, allowing you to:


Reduce product master data complexity and increase transparency


Improve product information accuracy and enhanced customer experience


Synchronise product information across industry standard datapools to minimise expensive errors and claims


Conduct “Google” like searches across supplier and product information


Improve visibility and control through simple integration with existing systems


Deliver an implementation project on time and on budget

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