Bill Blinco is Director, Software Development at Bizcaps.

What makes each day interesting?

I’ve been in the software business for over 40 years and I’m learning every day. With Bizcaps, it’s about getting to know our clients’ businesses and how they work. Because every business is unique, so with every new client we go through a new learning process to ensure our software works well for them.

Each of our clients has a point of difference – that’s what gives them their competitive advantage – so we don’t want to impact that by having them adapt to our software. We want our software to fit seamlessly into their business. That sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s actually true! I love this about my job.

How do your clients describe you?

Well, I love it when people ask questions. My clients feel free to ring me up and talk about their problems. I’m not just someone sitting in an office, I’m really interested in what their challenges are and how I can help solve them. I’d like to be seen as someone who can help.

 What makes you proud?

We buy our customers products and I love that about Bizcaps. I get a real satisfaction the weeks I can do my whole shop without buying anything not made by one of our clients.

I’m proud of what we have done so far with the company. And all the people in it. They all do a fantastic job. There aren’t so many companies around where that’s actually the case. It’s a reflection of how much time our CEO Rob invests in every individual at Bizcaps.

What drives you?

16 years ago my brother Pete and I wanted to create an ethical and successful company, where people enjoy turning up to work every day and are motivated to do great things. We’d both been working in FMCG and the supermarket industry for some years, and we were excited by the possibilities we could see for better sharing of product information within and between different organisations.

I’m still on that journey and that’s what’s still driving me: to see Bizcaps fulfill its potential and help as many other businesses as possible to achieve their full potential.

What do you value?

The obvious answer to that is that I value family. Family always comes first. But it’s also important to me to be fair in my dealings with everybody. The success of the company isn’t just financial, for me excellence is more important. Although one does flow from the other. I know that Bizcaps is run that way.

What’s something you couldn’t go without?

I’ve often wondered if I could go without my phone. I put everything in my phone. I don’t carry a wallet, I don’t carry anything except my phone. My whole life is in there – backed up to the cloud mind you!

When I was a kid at boarding school I read a book about what the future would be like, called Future Shock. I couldn’t wait for the future to arrive. Now that it has, I wander around the world looking at all the things that are so different. I never take anything for granted – when I look at my phone I see all the circuits that buzz around inside. It’s almost like magic.