Bizcaps’ Master Catalogue Information System (MCIS ™) is the secure and stress-free way to share huge volumes of product and supply chain data – like a vast, powerful corporate kind of Gumtree. And just like on Gumtree, it’s product images and digital assets that grab the buyer’s attention.

MCIS is a secure product data synchronisation and information sharing framework that gives buyers up-to-date and instant access to all the product information they need. It not only validates, harmonises and shares product, pricing and supply chain information between buyers and suppliers, but it also includes a secure portal to store and share product images and other digital media.

For suppliers, this is a golden opportunity to draw your customers to your products, making them easier to find and understand. A picture has always been worth at least a thousand words – and in this digital age, the value and power of the image is on the rise.

MCIS makes digital asset management simple. The online user interface is friendly, so you can easily upload images of your products, and change them whenever an update is needed.

For buyers, being able to view current product images within the online catalogue streamlines requisitioning and purchasing processes, by boosting accuracy and efficiency in the identification of products.

In the Australian healthcare sector, NSW Health has been encouraging trading partners to publish images via MCIS since 2015, and recently held a workshop for its many suppliers to introduce its new requisitioning module. A key element of the new module is the direct feed of data from the National Product Catalogue, and digital assets published via MCIS. While the publication of product images isn’t compulsory at this stage, NSW Health has indicated in its Trading Partners fact sheet that plans are underway to require image publication as a condition of contracts in the near future.