Next time you’re sighing over a compliance hurdle, spare a thought for E3Live Australia’s Kerry Burke. With not one but eight different Government agencies having a stake in this imported superfood, he was particularly grateful to find PIF Manager™ and Quality Partners.

Kerry Burke is General Manager of E3Live Australia, and discovered this unique superfood in the US more than 20 years ago when his youngest son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

He credits the product, an especially nutritious type of blue-green algae, with turning his son’s prognosis around, and he began securing all the regulatory approvals to run a sustainable commercial business selling E3Live in Australasia.

“If I was headed to a desert island and could take only one thing with me to ward off starvation, it’d be E3Live,” said Burke. “It’s a great product, so I wasn’t surprised when we were approached recently by a large multinational looking to incorporate E3Live as an ingredient in their products. One of the first things they needed from us was a Product Information Form (PIF) so they could assess its suitability.

“We’re the only organically certified superfood, so I’d been working with eight different regulatory agencies. But I’d never been asked to do a PIF before. I knew it’d be a huge task, so I was very glad to find Bizcaps PIF Manager and Quality Partners.”

Kieran Fox, food compliance consultant at Quality Partners, was able to log into E3Live’s PIF Manager portal and compile all the necessary data to complete the PIF and attach all the relevant test results and governance certifications. Once these were all attached to the PIF, anyone given access to the PIF by E3Live is able to view them as evidence of the product’s certification status.

“Now I have unbelievable peace of mind,” said Burke. “Our credentialing is unparalleled in the market, and PIF Manager will notify us as things need updating. It’s such a relief knowing I no longer have to fight these regulatory battles on my own.”