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Stir Fry Contents of the Fridge

This week I have been eating leftovers from Mother’s Day lunch all week so nothing really interesting has been made. Last night though having finished all the leftovers I cooked a Stir Fry of whatever was left in fridge.

Stir Fry Contents of the Fridge

A single Bock Choy
A very small head of Broccoli
Half a Zucchini
Half a Red onion
A large flat cup Mushroom
Handful of Snow Peas
Half a Capsicum
A few Shallots
2 eggs
Soy sauce
Coconut Oil

First of all I scrambled the eggs and cooked them in a fry pan until set. Ends up looking like a pancake.

Once set and cooled I rolled up the ‘pancake’ and sliced up into ribbons and set aside.  There you have your Protein ready.

In a wok coated with Coconut Oil fry off your chopped onion and ginger until softened

Then start tossing in your chopped veges (woody ones first – buck choy stems, Broccoli stems)

Then progress with the softer veges (zucchini, broccoli floret, snow peas, mushroom , capsicum, shallots and finally the bok choy leaves)

Keep stirring as you add each of the veges (that’s why it called a Stir Fry after all)

Once almost cooked splash on the Soy sauce (this is your salt component)

I also came across my emergency stash of flavoured rice in the pantry so I nuked that (carbs for the day).

Plated up the rice, veges and topped with the egg ribbons, and there you have Stir Fry contents of the fridge.

The veges vary every time I make it. This is the first time I added rice and eggs, I had to make it quite filling or I would be snacking all night long.


So I’m having dinner with my parents tonight and I’ve been hankering to knead and bake. So this morning I started off a Focaccia.

I knead by hand as I find it very calming and therapeutic.

I generally look up recipes of the same food from different sources and pick and choose from each recipe and it somehow seems to work.

I came across Silvia Colloca’s recipe and Jamie Oliver’s with Gennaro food tube.

Silvia’s recipe can be found here. (I’m using dough recipe with method)

Jamie and Gennaro’s is here. (also referring to method and toppings)

(The rosemary is still on the plant in the garden. Will collect later)

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