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Cooking for Non Cooks

This is my attempt at a meal for all those non cooks out there. I know I’m not alone. This is a meal that lends itself ideally to those left over ingredients in the fridge. An Aussie bubble and squeak, or an Italian frittata.

I call it the leftover Pizza.
1.    Base (I grab mine from Aldi)
2.    Mozzarella cheese
3.    Tomato paste (or even the good old Pizza Sauce)

4.    On your pizza base, add a layer of tomato paste, and a small sprinkle of cheese.
5.    Add your favourite toppings from the fridge. Tonight it was Steak, Chicken, Nonna’s Peas, Sundried Tomatoes.

6.    Add a final layer of Mozzarella Cheese, then top it with Avocado (or anything that you have and imagine would be tasty).

7.    Cook in a hot oven until your desired level of crispiness and golden yumminess has been achieved.

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