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Braai’d Boerewors, lamb chops, krummelpap and roast veggies.

A South African dinner and a grown ups’ milkshake…

This is a meal we like to make that can be considered traditional South African food and reminds us of home.

Braai’d Boerewors, lamb chops, krummelpap and roast veggies.

Boere Wors / Farmers’ Sausage:

Boerewors is a traditional south African style sausage made from coarsely minced beef (sometimes combined with pork, lamb or both) and spices such as coriander seed, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and allspice. In order to be considered traditional it must contain at least 90% meat which must be mostly beef. The remaining 10% is made of spices and other ingredients. The meat must never be more than 30% fat and may never contain any offal or mechanically recovered meat pulp. On May 3rd 2014, The Guinness world record for braaing the longest boerewors in the world was set at 1557.15m. It was distributed freely to old age homes and orphanages.

While boerewors can be cooked in the kitchen on the stove, the best way is on the braai. A Braai is similar to a Barbecue which can be done on charcoal or wood, but never on gas.


  1. Place the boerewors and lamb chops on the braai on a low to medium heat.
  2. Use a liberal amount of “Steak & Chops” spice on the lamb on both sides.
  3. Regularly turn all meat until cooked. Lamb can be medium however the boerewors should always be cooked thoroughly as it may contain pork.


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