In healthcare, quality patient care relies on quality data.

The success of data synchronisation depends on good quality data. The National Product Catalogue (NPC) provides access to standardised product data and access to clean data has the potential to reduce order and invoicing errors. Publishing to the NPC eliminates the need to provide individual hospitals and health services with multiple product and price lists – and try to keep track of these. With access to your entire product listing (contracted and not contracted) buyers can find and purchase the products they need. This dramatically improves procurement processes and patient safety by ensuring the right products are purchased at the right price, and delivered at the right time and place.

NPC Publisher Data Quality Findings released by GS1 Australia this month are evidence of Bizcaps’ deep knowledge of GDSN/NPC standards, its understanding of the needs of your trading partners and an on-going commitment to delivering improvements in data quality to the NPC.

Better data leads to better decisions. And in healthcare this is critical.

If you have any doubt about the quality of your product data a Bizcaps Data Quality Health Check might provide peace of mind that your trading partners can receive and utilise your product data as they need it.