We all know what a difference great support can make when you get stuck troubleshooting a problem or trying to solve a niggling issue. Here are 10 questions to ask when assessing the value-add from your provider’s Support Team or Help Desk:

  1. Do they listen without interrupting and quickly gain your trust?
  2. Do they get to the nub of your problem by asking relevant questions?
  3. Do they offer you solutions that are practical and appropriate?
  4. Do they prioritise resolution of issues that are impacting your business?
  5. Do they convey information and instructions clearly – so you feel confident they know what they are doing?
  6. Do they take charge of your problem and deliver solutions with authority and credibility?
  7. Are they committed to finding you a solution – no matter what?
  8. Can you count on them to deliver on any undertaking they make to you?
  9. Do they bamboozle you with jargon or do they tell you exactly what needs to be done?
  10. Do they leave you feeling like they have listened, they care and they will solve your problem – whatever it takes?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you can be confident your Support Team can be relied on to tackle your most pressing issues.

Here at Bizcaps, our support service is friendly and responsive, as well as technically expert, because we know that is what will make the difference for your business. We know our stuff, and we also understand your business. Most of us here at Bizcaps have worked with our clients for a long time – we know our clients by name, and that helps, but nothing replaces a friendly ear and good listening skills.