Bizcaps Software is excited to announce its partnership with Authenticateit, an international company with experts in intellectual property, trademark protection, retail, media, logistics and IT.

“Counterfeit medicines & healthcare products are a dangerous problem for the global healthcare community,” said Authenticateit CEO Mr Gennady Volchek. In Australia there is a growing public health risk from the boom in black market pills and supplements.

With changes to the regulatory environment and as traceability and serialisation become mandatory for the healthcare sector around the world, Authenticateit offers a powerful protection platform, designed to track and trace products at every point in the supply chain and detercounterfeits and parallel importing. Its innovative technology will detect any anomalies in the supply chain and allow immediate action to bar, disable or neutralise unauthorised imports or counterfeit operations at the source.

This partnership brings Bizcaps’ expertise in healthcare supply chain technology to Authenticateit’s powerful protection platform, designed to identify counterfeits using the smartphone. The free Authenticateit mobile app is available through the Apple App store and Google Play.

Authenticateit’s app lets buyers, clinicians and patients easily check each products authenticity to confirm it is genuine
– and safe – before they complete their purchase or use the medication.

As any product moves through the supply chain, from raw material to manufacturer and from distributor to retailer, its serial number is stored in a cloud-based database and it can be tracked and traced.

With its strong track record delivering projects to companies such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Alphapharm, Sanofi, Cook Medical and Stryker, Bizcaps will share this experience with those on the frontline, today tackling the surge in counterfeit health and pharmaceutical products.

“In healthcare counterfeiting can have deadly consequences and it is imperative that healthcare manufacturers protect themselves – and their customers.  AuthenticateIT stops this trade of counterfeit goods and delivers everyone in the supply chain peace of mind,” said Rob Clifton-Steele.