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PIF V6 Update

PIF portals aren’t just for PIF V6
You may not be ready to make the move to PIF V6, but there are still significant business benefits in uploading your V5 PIFs to an online portal.

It’s the quick, simple and affordable way to achieve a digital repository of all your existing PIFs and the valuable information they contain. Your PIF portal is secure and searchable, and locates all your PIFs in one accessible place. Anyone in your organisation who needs to use this information, and is authorised, can search all your PIFs on any attribute – for example, by ingredient or by customer – and the information is version controlled, safely backed up and fully protected.

No matter how many PIFs you have, it’s fast and easy to have them uploaded into an online portal – and you don’t need to move to PIF V6s to benefit.

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PIF V6: all you need to know in one workshop
See the new PIF V6 in action at the AFGC’s workshops and training sessions. The Sydney and  Melbourne workshops last December were well received, so if you’re in Brisbane or Adelaide mark these dates your diary: 19th March for Adelaide and 30th April for Brisbane.

Whether you’re in Sales & Marketing or Operations, Regulatory or IT, these sessions bring the benefits of PIF V6 to you. With hands on demos and all three PIF portal vendors there to answer your questions, the workshops will cover:

  • the business benefits of moving to electronic PIF V6
  • PIF system security and confidentiality
  • support and resources for PIF V6 users
  • future plans and upgrades.