Get started now, the easy way
At the AFGC PIF workshops in Sydney and Melbourne in December, Bizcaps Software announced their revised and very affordable pricing for ePIF portal access and monthly usage charges. Bizcaps also demonstrated that their PIF Manager™ offers companies not just a function-rich V6 portal but also a powerful PIF V5 to V6 transition tool. This transition tool means that you can immediately start receiving, storing, searching and sending PIFs from a secure repository and also be ready when your trading partners ask for a PIF in either format.

If you still need to update your existing systems with a PIF in V5 Excel format, PIF Manager can extract V5 data from your portal to update your existing systems, allowing you to keep your QA, R&D, Regulatory or Procurement systems without costly upgrades or redevelopment.

Bizcaps PIF Manager portal takes no time to set up. All that is required to get started is a signed application form and you will be on your way to streamlining your daily processes. There are no hidden fees, just a small annual access fee, economical usage charges and unlimited users in one company. All we then ask is that you spread the word and tell your customers and suppliers that you have started your ePIF transition.

Get started now, the easy way. Take advantage of the end-of-year period to get ready to meet your buyers’ requirements. Take up the Bizcaps ePIF Kick Start Offer and start the new year with an online, web-based repository containing searchable, transmittable electronic V5 PIFs ready to be enhanced to V6 PIFs as required or when requested by your trading partners.

Exchange V6 PIFs online with any of your trading partners
The PIF portal network is now live, so you can exchange V6 PIFs electronically with your customers or suppliers. You don’t need to be using the same portal as another company to exchange PIFs over the network.

Let your customers, distributors and suppliers know today that they can now send and receive PIFs online. Simplify your processes for receiving incoming product information from suppliers, and join companies like Langdon Ingredients and Birch & Waite Foods Pty. Ltd. in receiving all your PIFs as online V6 via a portal. Or make sending PIFs to your customers quick and streamlined, and reap the rewards being realised by AustChilli Group, Bickford’s Group, Brenntag Australia Pty. Ltd., Bundaberg Sugar, Good Morning Cereals, GrainCorp Limited, Quality Partners and Westland Milk Products NZ.

Bizcaps Software’s new pricing structure was launched December 1, 2019 offering an affordable per PIF per month access fee. Contact Dianna Gustin today for more info on 02 9252 7533.

By the industry, for the industry
Fiona Fleming has been involved with the development of the PIF right from the start, working hard to ensure that compliance and data exchange is as complete, efficient and streamlined as possible for food companies.

Fiona is currently involved with the testing of all three PIF portals and is very happy to see the system up and running as a whole, with all three portals talking to each other.

“After 2.5 years of intensive development and refinement, with valuable input from our early adopters in the industry, and co-operation from the three vendors Bizcaps Software, OakBarrel Software and Hamilton Grant, the hard work has paid off. Food businesses across Australia are now seeing the benefits,” she said.