PIF V6 Update

How To PIF V6
The AFGC’s PIF V6 User Guide is now out – click here to download your copy. It includes step-by-step guidance on how to transition to electronic PIFs, and to optimise the benefits and efficiencies they will deliver to your operations.

The Guide also has easy-to-use information on the new areas PIF V6 covers, including:

  • sections to account for the revised Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code
  • new Country of Origin labelling requirements
  • nutrition, health and related claims which include Health Star Ratings
  • options for samples, flavours, ingredients and Retail Ready products.

Coming soon!
The AFGC is currently working to cross-reference the User Guide to each of the PIF V6 fields. Once this is finalised and released, you’ll be able to go straight to the relevant section of the User Guide, as questions come up while you work through your PIFs. Each of the portals will display these references in the user interface, so you can find the answers you need quickly and easily.

In the meantime, PIF users can email questions not covered in the User Guide to the AFGC on PIF@afgc.org.au You can also use this email to submit your suggestions for how to improve PIF V6. Updates will only be released in stages, rather than incrementally, so they can be deployed simultaneously across all three vendor portals.

New year, new start
Congratulations to the teams at Langdon Ingredients and Brenntag Asia Pacific on their live portal-to-portal exchange of electronic PIFs. Brenntag Asia Pacific is part of the Brenntag Group, the global market leader in full-line chemical distribution, and was celebrating the successful transmission of its first PIF V6 to Langdon just before the Christmas break.