Bizcaps’ customer Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) is one step closer to delivering on its goal of achieving best-value supply chain outcomes for Victoria’s health care sector, with the release this week of the Victorian Product Catalogue System (VPCS). Developed by Bizcaps, the VPCS will help enable HPV to continue building on the cost savings it has achieved for the health sector over the last 12 months, which have totalled $55 million in direct cost reductions and negotiation of best-value pricing.

A common data source is essential for supply chain reform and the VPCS now hosts pricing and product data for more than 250,000 healthcare items. Bizcaps has delivered a user-friendly interface that offers powerful search functionality and allows health services to search, filter, compare and extract product and pricing data to make informed procurement decisions.

For Victorian healthcare buyers, the VPCS is dramatically improving procurement processes and patient safety by ensuring the right products are purchased at the right price, and delivered at the right time and place.

The VPCS is linked to the National Product Catalogue (NPC), a central repository of healthcare-related data designed to streamline the electronic purchasing process throughout the healthcare supply chain. The NPC provides suppliers with a mechanism to deliver standardised and accurate product and price data electronically to health departments and private hospital providers. It is the single source of item master data for health institutions seeking to purchase medicines, medical devices and other healthcare items.

Read the HPV media release here